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We do workplace learning software. But you know this already, right?

You’ve seen dozens of pages like this. They all look alike. And so does the software they sell. Truth be told, e-learning is a mature industry with little room to innovate. Everything has already been invented, reinvented and recycled.

Yet you refuse to give up. You want to fix what is broken and improve anything worse than great. If you’ve been searching for a partner to help you address your challenges, you’re probably a little tired by now as well.

The good news is, you might have come to the right place. So lean back, look around, and allow us to introduce ourselves.

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What we do best

Onboarding training

Bring talented people up to speed faster, and keep them around longer.

Compliance training

Help your people avoid risk and remain focused throughout their learning.

Innovations from our lab

There isn’t a magic bullet to fix all of your problems.

So we help you fix things one by one.

Text-to-speech automation

How we combined the feeling of a human narrator with the speed of an automated service.

Reporting and big data

In-depth analysis tools, allowing for a clear view of your data and frictionless reporting.

An engaging e-learning experience

We’ve decoupled learning content from the presentation layer to simplify authoring and assure high standards on the experience part.

Agile authoring

Transform content creation from stagnant, to an agile and iterative story of true collaboration.

Empowering managers with gamification

Choose your game mechanics wisely, and consider your audience before applying them.

Simplifying complex learning

How thinking modularly will help you bring more relevant content at a more relevant time.

About the JollyDeck platform

JollyDeck offers a full stack of software for workplace learning.

Each of our Decks is powerful on its own, but even better when used with others.

Authoring Deck

It’s super easy for everyone to create content in JollyDeck! We’ve built 7 native learning modes in the platform for your teams to enjoy.
Popular features
  • Reviews and collaboration
  • Automatic text-to-speech
  • Mobile ready

Learning Deck

Mix & match content from JollyDeck and content you brought along with you. Creating engaging learning experiences has never been so easy.
Popular features
  • Attractive learning formats
  • Mandatory or on-request
  • Mobile and offline

Management Deck

An LMS that simplifies your training operations, automates your day-to-day routines and reports on training performance in real-time.
Popular features
  • Powerful email center
  • Learner feedback module
  • Analytics and reporting

Performance Deck

A toolset to syndicate the supervision of learning efficiency and build a culture of continuous improvement.
Popular features
  • Team performance module
  • Team competition
  • Observation checklists
Hundreds of thousands of people use JollyDeck
in over 20 languages

Vodafone Business Technology Solutions needed a flexible and simple platform to help us produce compelling and useful learning content for our products and processes. This is for consumption by a broad, global range of stakeholders including a large community time poor Project and Programme Managers.

Crucially, we needed a capability where we could rapidly deploy learning and then update it ‘on the fly’.

JollyDeck has been a revelation, enabling a large number of non-technical colleagues to build content and deploy it quickly and easily.

The feedback on the courses we have launched has been broadly excellent, including at Senior Management level. On top of all this, the JollyDeck team have been fantastic in the support they have provided us.

I cannot recommend JollyDeck highly enough for any organisation looking to revolutionise the way they do eLearning.

Kevin Benaicha
Business Change and Transformation professional
Vodafone UK

E-learning resources:
The ultimate guidebook on how to successfully implement and execute compliance training within your organisation.
Build a competency framework that powers talent management inside your organisation
How you can build a culture of compliance through compliance training

Human-friendly e-learning.
Frictionless learning management.

In the rush of chasing KPIs, we shouldn’t forget about the things we love about learning at work.

If we learn with passion, the results will surely follow.

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