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AI Copilot
Your digital partner for creating engaging e-learning

AI Copilot helps you effortlessly generate e-learning designs, write compelling content, and build interactive elements. It does the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what matters most.

AI Copilot is included in our Free tier.

PowerPoint AI converter
Transform your PowerPoint presentations into interactive e-learning courses
The first AI-powered solution that fully converts
PowerPoint slides into engaging e-learning courses.
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PPT Converter available
in Free tier!
Presentation slide
PowerPoint example: Slide 1/5
E-Learning slide
Automatic conversion from PowerPoint with AI Copilot, slide 1/5
Content editor
A rapid authoring tool
you can use with your eyes closed
An easy-to-use authoring tool, offering creative freedom and the flexibility to create engaging learning content.
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Asset libraries

An extensive range of assets, including stock photos, icons, interactive elements, slide and content templates and more.

These libraries help you efficiently create professional and consistent learning content.

Interactive elements
Stock photo gallery
Slide templates
Icon library
Pre-designed elements
Learning experience
optimized for different languages

The learning interface and the assets in the library are already available in a number of languages.

AI Copilot works with these languages too.

New languages are on the way.
Missing yours? Let us know!

Small things that make a big difference
User-friendly interface
Reduce the learning curve for new authors.
Keyboard shortcuts
Available for most common tasks to work even faster.
No need to install any additional software.
Predefined color schemes
Easily create visually appealing projects.
Seamless AI
AI automatically simplifies your tasks without interrupting your flow.
Preview on any device
Preview your work on any device while you edit.
No coding skills required
We’ve already done the job for you.
Smooth collaboration
Invite anyone to work on your content with you.
Content versioning
Easily track changes and revert to any version from the past three months.
All data is securely stored on our servers with enterprise-grade security.
JollyDeck does not own your content. Your content remains private, and we do not permit AI to learn from it.
Fanatical support
Because we want you to succeed!
When you need help, just let us know!
Build once – publish anywhere
Take your content where your learners are
Export as SCORM
Ideal for L&D teams that use their own LMS.
Publish from the
Content Editor
  • For small groups of learners.
  • Simple user management.
  • Essential analytics.
Publish through
JollyDeck LMS
  • For teams and organisations.
  • Numerous publishing options.
  • Advanced user management.
  • Detailed analytics.
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Content Editor
User-friendly authoring tool
AI Copilot
Digital assistant for creating engaging e-learning
PowerPoint converter
Convert static PowerPoint slides into engaging e-learning courses.
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