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1. Slide analysis
The Converter thoroughly examines each slide in your PowerPoint presentation, pulling out and analyzing both text and visuals. It also carefully reviews any speaker notes included in your presentation.
Types of Phishing
There are several types of Phishing, but we’ll focus on just two today….
Deceptive (Common) phishing and Spear Phishing….
Deceptive phishing is a broad attack aimed at multiple people. This is the most common type of phishing. It refers to any attack by which fraudsters impersonate a legitimate company and attempt to steal people’s personal information or login credentials.
Spear phishing is a more targeted and sophisticated scam. The cybercriminals will make a more 'personal' approach. They will customise their emails with the target’s name, position, company and other information in an attempt to trick the recipient into believing that they have a connection with the sender.
There is also one other type, Whaling – which goes after, as it sounds, the big fish… i.e. C level execs and company boards, directors etc.
2. Slide makeover
Our system now harnesses artificial intelligence combined with ten years of our in-house expertise in crafting impactful learning content. Here's a quick look at what goes on behind the scenes:
Based on the information gathered, our system carefully rewrites the text in a reader-friendly fashion.
Slide redesign
The system employs various design techniques to split the new text into sections and emphasize important information on each slide.
Automatic image search
To enhance the visual appeal of the slides, the system searches for appropriate stock photos and integrates them with other elements.
3. Your new course is ready
In just a few minutes, once all slides are converted, you can review your new course in JollyDeck Create and make any necessary tweaks or modifications. Below are some examples of how the new slides appear:
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