A meaningful take on compliance training

Compliance training that helps team members meet their business objectives whilst staying on the safe side.

The hard truth about mandatory training

3 out of 5
think compliance training is poorly timed.
3 out of 7
believe that learning content is dull and boring.
2 out of 5
of learners are reluctant to repeat compliance training every year.

How to create an extraordinary compliance training experience

Start with great learning content

Great learning content increases awareness and encourages positive conduct.

It also affects the completion rates and reduces the risk of breaches in your organisation.

Off-the-shelf Legal Compliance Deck

Written by professional copywriters
Simple language, no technical jargon, all split into small and digestible chunks. Perfect for everyone.
Reviewed by compliance experts
All content is reviewed and regularly updated by JollyDeck’s partners, Waypoint GRC, who hold more than 20 years’ of experience in legal compliance.
Packed with multimedia content
Attractive content combined with infographics, comic cartoons and video materials makes for more than your average learning.
Packed with interactive scenarios
A rich set of questions to challenge your users’ knowledge. All of which can be used throughout learning courses, tests or quizzes.
Comes in a number of learning formats
A selection of user-friendly materials make it easy to mix and match for both learning and performance support.

Modify off-the-shelf content
to suit your needs

Off-the-shelf content never really fits the purpose.

Sometimes it needs minor tweaks and add-ons. Sometimes it needs much larger redesigns. In all cases, we’ve got you covered. All of JollyDeck’s authoring tools always come as a part of the plan.

As simple as A-B-C

Edit any part of the content yourself to add company-specific data
Watch the video
Collaborate with all stakeholders, SMEs or consultants within one platform
Watch the video
Read more about the content editing in JollyDeck.

Organise content modules
into meaningful training

All of JollyDeck’s content is modular.

Combine course modules with tests, references and checklists to make a unique learning experience that best suits your users’ needs.

Achieve high completion rates step-by-step

High completion rates in compliance training don’t come by chance.

They are the result of small and smart actions throughout the whole learning campaign.

Utilise the power of email marketing

Marketing professionals know the power of personalised emails, but L&D has some catching up to do.

With JollyDeck’s LMS you can send automatic, personalised emails, and even analyse the open rate and click-through rate of your emails.

  • Email invitations to the learning
  • Automatic notifications for delayed users
  • Status digests for managers
  • Warnings about upcoming and missed deadlines
  • Full email efficiency analytics

Giving line managers the responsibility they deserve

Managers are usually more aware about the importance of compliance than their team members. JollyDeck allows your managers to monitor the performance of their team and receive notifications when team members are not on track.

When they compare the results of their teams against their peers they will become even more competitive.

Make training accessible

On desktop and mobile
All JollyDeck training content is mobile friendly.
Online and offline
Use our iOS or Android learning apps and take your learning offline.
For screen and audio
Any content is automatically converted to audio and can be consumed as a podcast.

Activate employee engagement

Collect user feedback within JollyDeck. You are the first to know if there is anything in the training programme that needs your attention.

Use the power of reporting

Use the reporting tool to analyse user behaviour and identify potential knowledge gaps. Utilise this information to modify content or re-adjust the focus of your future learning content.

Stay efficient and engaging

Keeping your training efficient and engaging year after year is always a challenge.

That’s why we make sure that learning content always reflects regulatory changes with fresh, real-life examples.

You can add more content that addresses specific knowledge gaps and user comments from previous years without having to recreate a whole course.

Complete compliance training
to suit everyone.

Just because everyone has to do compliance training, it doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging.

JollyDeck’s modern approach to mandatory training means that your learners get the knowledge they need, and you get the results.

Tell us about your compliance training challenges, and we’ll show you how JollyDeck can help.

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