Compliance training
Deliver compliance training that meets both regulatory standards and your employees’ needs.
Keep your content relevant
Manage your content lifecycle and evolve learning over time. Easily track changes in you LMS.
Build SME alliances
Enrich your learning with stories from experts across your organisation.
Reach out to the right people with the right knowledge, straight from the JollyDeck Create.
Automate learning management

Let JollyDeck’s technology take care of assigning, scheduling and monitoring learning.

Receive regular updates about the state of compliance in your organisation and easily chase learners when necessary.

Military grade audit trail
We keep track of every action performed in JollyDeck.
We log every question and answer in every test attempt. And when content is updated, we log every change and keep all versions for your peace of mind. All this data stands at your disposal.
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When we first launched our GDPR online training, we didn’t expect to get such an overwhelmingly positive result.

Over 75,000 colleagues were trained in 12 countries before GDPR became enforceable.

Since then, we’ve been consistently training new joiners and launched a GDPR refresher module recently.

JollyDeck played a fundamental role to make it happen; offering a customisable, user-friendly platform and an engaging learning experience with reliable real-time reporting data.

Bruno Silveira,
Head of compliance, Kingfisher plc

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