Meet your business objectives while staying on the safe side

A meaningful take on compliance training

Design and deliver efficient compliance training with added value for your organisation and your employees.

Fit compliance training into the bigger picture

There are many compliance training vendors (including JollyDeck) who can help you quickly execute training and get your records straight in case of an audit.

But we prefer to understand compliance training as a part of a bigger picture.

Compliance training should help your employees to do their work with confidence and contribute to creating a more hospitable and respectful workplace.

That’s why the investment into a well-thought-out training experience always pays off – even with mandatory training.

Don’t just take our word for it:


When we first launched our GDPR online training, we didn’t expect to get such an overwhelmingly positive result. Over 75,000 colleagues were trained in 12 countries before GDPR became enforceable. Since then, we’ve been consistently training new joiners and launched a GDPR refresher module recently.

JollyDeck played a fundamental role to make it happen; offering a customisable, user-friendly platform and an engaging learning experience with reliable real-time reporting data.

Bruno Silveira,
Head of compliance, Kingfisher plc

Effortless learning

Every training starts with
meaningful and relevant learning content

Provide your employees with the relevant information on how to get their job done and to be compliant with the regulatory requirements.

Off-the-shelf content

Legal compliance training programs that can be easily customised to fit your needs.
  • Written by professional copywriters
  • Reviewed by compliance experts
  • Packed with interactive and multimedia content
  • Fully customizable with JollyDeck’s authoring/collaboration toolset

Bespoke content

An experienced team of training experts at your service:
  • Experienced learning designers
  • Professional copywriters
  • Skillful graphic and video artists
  • Native translators

Every training needs
user-friendly training experience

Training apps that ensure smooth content delivery and easy navigation through learning content.

  • Easy access
    Login with an email address, employee ID or single sign-on through your existing systems
  • Easy to use
    An intuitive learner interface that removes any frustration and saves time for your employees
  • Engaging formats
    Choose from a number of learning formats for a diverse learning experience
  • Run on any device
    Online learning available through desktop and mobile web browsers. Offline learning available through native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Fully branded learning environment
    Keep the look and feel of your corporate identity throughout the training
  • Support for learners with visual impairments
    All learning content is automatically converted to an audio record that can be played as a podcast

Effortless training management

A learning management system that helps you achieve and maintain a compliant organisation

  • Quick setup
    Make your system is operational in days, not weeks
  • Easy to use
    Manage any training from simple courses to complex training operations, from 100 to 100,000 users and more
  • Task automation
    • Automatic personalised emails
    • Automatic custom reports for all stakeholders
    • Automatic data synchronisation with HR and other systems
  • A single solution
    • Content authoring
    • Learning management
    • Reporting and analytics

Boosting completion rates

A set of tools to proactively chase high completion rates and achieve compliance.

Automated smart communication with employees

A marketing-grade email service to send personalised emails to employees – at the right time.

Design communication messages

Use our templates to design customised messages for employees at different stages of the training cycle

Build a communication plan

Configure the system to be personalised, and communicate automatically based on users’ learning activities

Evaluate the efficiency of each message

Compare responses to each email to improve your further communication messages

Delegate training responsibility to the line managers

Empower line managers to monitor and influence the performance of their team members

Team performance insights

Detailed information on the training performance of each team member

Compare team results with other teams

Put the team training results into the context of the whole company

Ignite competition between teams

Managers are competitive, and no one wants to see their team last on the leaderboard

Advanced reporting and analytics

Secured and stored training parameters that can be accessed and analysed anytime.

Information available in real time

No need to wait for the report being generated. All reports contain real-time information and are instantly available.

Identify knowledge gaps

Examine questions within the training to identify problematic knowledge areas that might require additional attention.

Export any training data for further analysis

JollyDeck logs every training event. Examine these logs to discover useful information that cannot be seen by looking at generic reports.
E-learning resources:
The ultimate guidebook on how to successfully implement and execute compliance training within your organisation.
Build a competency framework that powers talent management inside your organisation
How you can build a culture of compliance through compliance training

Complete compliance training
to suit everyone.

Just because everyone has to do compliance training, it doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging.

JollyDeck’s modern approach to mandatory training means that your learners get the knowledge they need, and you get the results.

Tell us about your compliance training challenges, and we’ll show you how JollyDeck can help.

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