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Information Security training is an e-learning solution that helps learners understand how to protect documents and devices that contain sensitive information.

It covers a number of topics that you can mix and match to build the perfect Information Security training program, and is suitable for all of your company’s needs. You can even take it a step further and add any specific content yourself (it’s extremely simple).

Last but not least: you can have your totally customised Information Security training ready in a matter of days.

A variety of training content options
  • Introduction to Information Security

    This module helps learners understand the importance of information security and best practices, from how to protect passwords to how to protect devices when connected to the internet.

    This module (as with all the rest) comes packed with comics, infographics, video examples and interactive scenarios.

    Information security: offline and online threats
  • A rich pack of questions for Tests and Quizzes
    These questions cover different knowledge levels, from a basic understanding of bribery and corruption, to more complex, real-life scenarios. You can add them to your training in the shape of a classic compliance test, a fun e-learning quiz or a multiplayer challenge.
  • Checklists
    Include checklists in your training to enrich the learning experience, or simply drop them somewhere to be at hand when needed (like when someone needs to recognize a facilitation payment).
  • Reference
    Just like checklists, any part of your learning content can be published as a reference document to be available when needed.
Reviewed by compliance professionals
All content is created and regularly updated in partnership with Waypoint GRC, who hold more than 20 years of experience in legal compliance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the training content verified?
    Yes! All of our content is reviewed and regularly updated by our partners, Waypoint GRC, who hold more than 20 years of experience in legal compliance.
  • What do I need to run the training?
    The Information security Compliance Deck can be downloaded as a SCORM package and used with your existing LMS – if you already have one. If not, we’ve got you covered with our own JollyDeck LMS that brings you even more benefits (see below).
  • Can I try before I buy?
    Absolutely! You can get demo access, or we can start with a small-scale pilot before you decide if this is the right solution for you!
  • Will this cost me a fortune?
    We made sure that the cost of training per user is super competitive against other solutions on the market. However, our package contains a number of benefits that you can’t get with any other vendor.

How do we compare?

Information security
Compliance Deck
Other off-the-shelf
Complete coverage of information security topics Yes Yes Yes
Tailor content completely to your needs Yes No(at least not easily) Yes
Regular content updates at no additional cost Yes Yes(at least should be) No
Edit content within the same platform Yes No No
Edit the content yourself anytime Yes No No
Short implementation time Yes Yes No
Can be used for continuous training and refreshers every year Yes Yes(it should) No
Can be used on any device Yes Yes(most of them) Yes(it should be)
Can be used without active internet connection Yes No No

Every offer includes:

Off-the-shelf learning content
General awareness course
Additional content for learning / performance support
Every course available as support reference
A bank of questions for tests/quizzes
A number of checklists
Authoring and collaboration toolset
Add branded elements to the learning content
Easy to use authoring platform
Full support for collaborative authoring (access
control, adding notes and comments, email
Unlimited modifications and versioning
Branding of all learning materials
Export all content as SCORM packages

More options available:

Publish content in JollyDeck LMS
Learn using dedicated iOS or Android JollyDeck app
Send templated invite reminders and completion emails
from the system
State-of-the-art learning analytics
Empower line managers with team reporting and benchmarking
Single sign-on and other data integrations with your
existing systems
Full audit trail
Get help with the content
Graphic design of infographics and comics
Video editing

More legal compliance content:

Conflict of
Identify situations that may lead to a conflict of interest
Minimise the risk of GDPR breaches
and corruption
Train employees to detect and prevent bribery acts
Protect your organisation from technology-based risks and threats
Prevent predatory business practices by promoting fair competition and economic efficiency
Respect in the
Create an environment of respect and build trust across your entire organisation
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