Management Deck

Bring order to employee training chaos

A Learning Management System that simplifies learning operations, automates day-to-day routines and reports on learning performance in real-time.

Manage complex training with ease

JollyDeck’s Management platform helps to combine all sorts of required and optional learning activities into meaningful learning pathways.

Powerful configurator available to managers and learning designers

Designing learning paths is a complex task that needs your full attention. So we’ve built a simple to use, visually compelling interface to help you.

First, select the modules and order them appropriately.

Next, define constraints for optional and required content. Users with a high pass rate on a test might be allowed to skip the next module of content altogether.

Consider the time component of the training. Allow users to manage their own time by providing them with a recommended schedule and final deadlines.

Automatically generate learning maps for users

Empower your users to be in control of their progress from the beginning.

A learning map helps users understand the scope of training, gain instant insight into their training progress, and acts as an access point to the entirety of content – both required and optional.

Promote training with automated emails

Marketing professionals understand the power of sending the right email at the right time. JollyDeck is bringing some of that know-how to your fingertips.

Schedule the automated sending of personalised invites, follow up with users who lag behind or are not responding and let their managers know about both good and bad activity. It’s all automated.

Configure an email campaign

All email templates are configured and ready to be used. Easily apply rules for sending email notifications whilst configuring learning activities. You can always update the email’s content or even create your own templates.
  • Templated email invites
  • Automated notifications for delayed users
  • Status digests for managers
  • Alerts about upcoming and missed deadlines
  • Real-time email performance analytics

Monitor email performance

Check your email open and click-through rates to understand the type of message that triggers the highest response rates.

Make use of this information and work on your messaging to adapt and improve.

Advanced reporting and analytics

JollyDeck tracks and labels all user activity as they interact with the platform. We’ve developed a set of reporting and analytics tools that help you get meaningful insights into the progress and efficiency of your training.
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Popular features

  • Individual, team, segment or organisation wide views on performance
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Export your data for further analysis
  • Team performance module dedicated to team leads

The full feature list

Interested in more features of the JollyDeck Learning Management System?

Check the full feature list here!

Learning mission accomplished.
But why stop here?

Discover the impact of our Performance Deck.

Bring time management into your
team management

Tired of endlessly chasing your team to complete tasks or pull together bits and pieces of team data to report on? We might have something to ease the pain.

Manage everyone from one place, and never miss a beat.

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