JollyDeck feature list
JollyDeck’s all-in-one LMS is made up of two core environments that also work independently. For optimal ROI, we suggest using them both together:
  • JollyDeck Create: an advanced toolkit to build stunning e-learning.
  • JollyDeck LMS: a robust and comprehensive environment for publishing and managing learning, users, and accessing deep analytics.
JollyDeck Create
Core capabilities
Creating e-learning content
Supported content types: slides and test
Use these formats to build microlearning courses, one-pagers, checklists and more
Mobile-ready content
Content created in the JollyDeck Create is fully compatible with all mobile devices, tablets and large screens
Drag and drop
Modern, user-friendly editing interface
Easily revert back to previous versions of your content
Multilingual support
Launch learning content in any language
Content elements
Fuss-free formatting
Choose from a selection of font sizes and weights
Upload videos from your device
Embed YouTube videos
Upload images from your device
Built-in access to Unsplash (choose from 3.5 million images)
Image editing tools included
Add a single image or image gallery
Add image captions
Built-in icon library (choose from 1000+ icons)
Icon editing tools included
Link to external websites
Link between slides within a single learning
Link to other learning, published in the Library
Attach documents and files
Apply animations to selected elements to bring your learning to life
Interactive questions
15 types of questions
Rich media
Enrich videos and images with an interactive layer
Support learners’ on-the-job with helpful, interactive lists
Content branding and templates
Colour schemes
Choose from a range of colour schemes or set up your own to match your brand
Content templates
Use our vast library of e-learning content as templates for your own learning
Slide and row templates
Explore hundreds of slide templates and elements to add to your learning
Content creation workflow
Support for different user roles
Administrator (full access to all content)
Author (full access to own content)
Reviewer (limited access to content upon invitation)
Review and collaboration
Send automated invites to reviewers
Offer ’review only’ or ‘co-author’ access
Automatically revoke access on set dates
Submit, upvote and resolve comments
Learning Expert help
Allow authors to ask for and receive help from your learning experts or JollyDeck’s team within the app
Sign-off process
Use our automated sign-off workflow to publish vetted quality learning
Create & Share
Let your employees create their own learning content and share it with colleagues directly from the Jollydeck Create
JollyDeck Learning Management System
User access
Login with email address and password
Login based on other credentials types (e.g. employee ID)
Single sign-on (SSO) with your company account
Open registration
Automatic creation of user accounts (limited to selected email domains)
Supported learning types
A deck of interactive slides, organised into modules
Learners need to work through every slide in order to complete the course
A standalone slide or a deck of slides, arranged into chapters
Learners may browse through slides in any order
A sequence of interactive questions
Test criteria, such as number of questions, time to complete and pass rate are fully customisable
Live training
Create a checklist of topics and activities to be used in a live training
Manage live trainings in JollyDeck
Record attendance, host support materials, post webinar details, and more
SCORM packages
SCORM version 1.2 and 2004
PDF document
PowerPoint presentation
Publishing learning
Publish simple learning
Publish complex learning programme
Advanced rules and triggers for content in learning
Set advanced rules for completion of a learning programme
E.g. “completing a test marks a course completed too”
Cover page options
2 layout options - simple and detailed cover page
Learning access settings
Open access (with exceptions)
Accessible via invite or URL
Wishlist (to be approved by manager)
Learner comments on content
Learner final rating and feedback
Assigning learning
Assign user(s) to learning
Assign user(s) to a single learning piece or a learning plan
Assign user segments by using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT)
E.g. “assign a course to all colleagues from London and Paris, but exclude those who work in marketing”
Schedule learning activities
Set up invites and/or unlock access to learning on a given date
Import list of users to be assigned to learning
Manage email invitations and reminders
Edit messages and adjust the frequency of reminders
Publishing content in the library
Organise learning content into library sections
Manage content visibility and access
Allow / limit access to content per user segments
Dynamic content tags
Help learners find the content they need with tags and automated grouping
System email comms
Email templates
Generate and edit batches of pre-populated emails to launch new learning programmes
30+ system email templates to customise
Customisable rules for sending automated emails
E.g. “send reminder to line manager 3 days before learning deadline”
Custom emails with scheduling and recipients rules
E.g. “send to anyone who has not yet completed this learning”
Analytics and reporting
User engagement
See how learners are interacting with your learning
Drill down by users or by segments
Email comms statistics
View, open and click through rates for every email sent from the system
Content details
See time spent on content, plus a detailed analysis of questions used during learning
Export raw data for further analysis
Export your data as an .ods file or send to an external system via API integration
Automated scheduled email reporting
Create periodic email digests on key learning activities
Export data to LRS
Live training and blended learning
Live training for learners
Calendar of live sessions
Option for learners to subscribe to live sessions
Email reminders about upcoming sessions
Session archive with links to session recordings and additional materials
Live training for trainers
Calendar of upcoming live sessions for simple planning
Archive of completed sessions
Checklist of topics for each training session
Email reminders about upcoming sessions
Automatic attendance tracking via shared link / QR code
Manual attendance tracking (optional)
Insight into participants’ learning activities and tasks
Blended learning support
Learning paths that support custom combinations of e-learning and live activities
User management
Adding / editing users manually
Bulk import
Automated user synchronisation with 3rd party systems
Fully customisable user segments
Learning environment: Assigned learning
Learning in progress
A list of assigned learning activities to be completed
Personalised learning plan
Upcoming / assigned learning activities
Automated email invitations and reminders
Scheduled learning activities
Self-paced learning
Learner environment: Learning library
Graphical catalogue of learning content
Learning cover page
Includes thumbnail, topic overview, author, duration and learner ratings
Support for customised sections
Organise and promote learning on learners’ homepage, personalised per user segments
Search capabilities
Search learning by title, description and meta tags
Content available via permalink
Content available upon approval
Team performance module for line managers
Monitor performance of your team members
Benchmark your team’s performance
Monitor performance by learning activity
360° feedback
Assign learning to team members
Assign learning to your team and set deadlines if needed
Learner environment: Other
Personal learning archive
Learner feedback and user rating
Web based
All major web browsers are supported. Tested in Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Responsive UI
Optimised for all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles
Align your learning environment and content to your organisation’s brand
A flexible set of features and capabilities that can be turned on/off, customisable reporting and user segmentation
Multilingual app
Entire platform available in your language
Support for timezones
Schedule learning activities and emails in different timezones
All data stored within the EU
SAR ready (export all data about a user)
All user data available for export
System security
Encrypted network connections (SSL)
Learning management user roles with access limitations
Learning management audit trail
All user data available for export
Continuous updates
Unlimited storage on secure servers
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