No software can beat a human conversation. Nor should it try.

But good software can aid those conversations a lot.

Bringing your talent up to speed and recording their performance

You’ve recruited the best people out there. They are excited and keen to learn.

But they need to be given all the information they need, at the right time, in order to thrive. Which can be challenging. If they are given continuous and transparent feedback, they will gain the confidence required to shine. Meaning you can retain more of your best staff.

JollyDeck cannot do this in your place.
But we can certainly help.

Build your onboarding for
robustness and agility

Start with creating a compelling narrative

Great content should echo your company’s identity. It needs to be straight and to the point.

But it shouldn’t take months to relaunch your onboarding. You can improve one step at a time. Feel free to use any content you’ve already created, as all content formats are supported on the platform. You can also rapidly create new content from scratch.

More about simple authoring

But it’s not just down to your efforts. JollyDeck has a wealth of experience and is always happy to lend you a hand with instructional design, copywriting, creation of comic book storyboarding, infographics or video editing... Whatever is required to get your message across in a compelling way.

Personalise learning paths

Different roles require different information and a different pathway in which they can interact with that key information.

With JollyDeck you can cater to these needs through learning paths created specifically for different user groups, users or individuals. All through combining separate content blocks to create a truly tailored learning path.

More about learning management

Don’t stop at mandatory

You want to train faster & retain your new hires longer. So why dump a load of mandatory training on them? Thinking about your onboarding holistically, there are a trove of tips & tricks that even your freshest learners could benefit from.

JollyDeck helps you build that bigger picture. Mandatory learning can be – and should be – upgraded with additional resources most relevant to the job role it accompanies.

Crafting a learning culture

Build a culture of learning through clear signposting out of the gate. Make it apparent that must-know information is available on demand, and create a healthy balance between the mandatory learning pathway, and a library of on-demand resources available anytime.

Select the right learning format for the best experience

A course remains the single most important e-learning format. But it’s also the most static, and perhaps least useful later down the line. There are other ways of delivering content. Depending on the purpose, you can mix & match any of the 5 native formats available in JollyDeck:

Combine native JollyDeck learning formats with any other formats you might already have on stack: SCORM, video, PowerPoint, PDF, YouTube...

Discover more about learning experience in JollyDeck

Pay attention to detail

Learning maps

Learning maps provide your learners with a quick glimpse into their progress, upcoming tasks and upcoming deadlines.

As such, learning maps help individuals build the confidence to craft their own learning framework. This allows them to organise their time and consume content at the pace they prefer.

Email automation

Setup once, deploy anytime. Let the system handle new learning notifications, follow-ups on unfinished activities and approaching deadlines. It’s all backed with real-time analytics, so you can check your open and click-through rates when it suits you.

Easy access

Every great experience starts with ease of use.

Serve your content through our mobile friendly platform or JollyDeck’s mobile app. Allow learners to switch between devices, and login with a click of a button with JollyDeck’s single sign-on.

Stranded in a remote location with no internet access? Native mobile apps have the offline learning covered too.

Monitor progress and boost performance

Set your teams up for success

Why not start making life easier for team leads and line managers?

With all their tasks and responsibilities, training new starters is rarely top of the list for line managers. Yet our data shows they act as the single most powerful catalyst – or inhibitor – to adopting learning.

JollyDeck’s Team Performance module gives managers a clear overview of the training status and automatically benchmarks their team’s performance against similar teams.

Observation checklists:
Build structured feedback into the onboarding process

Empower mentors to assess performance...

Observation checklists give managers and mentors a helpful framework to assess functional and behavioral requirements of every employee, as well as monitor their progress throughout the onboarding period.

...and provide employees with the insights

Making the assessment process transparent gives learners confidence about their strengths and alerts them of areas where an improvement is needed to meet the required standards.

Improve your onboarding with
data-backed decisions

  • Combine data from observations with learning data
  • Identify patterns in your learning process that imply irregularities and knowledge gaps
  • Modify your training approach to improve the training efficiency
  • Repeat all over =)

Managing performance is the best way to prove the real value of learning.

Discover more about Performance management with JollyDeck.

Evolve your onboarding training into ongoing training

Iterating and improving your onboarding will get you to a comfortable place as you’ll be able to demonstrate clear value. But onboarding eventually ends. The sooner it does, the higher the value.

No need to stop here.

The true learning journey of your users has only just begun. Support them with a fresh approach to learning and help them unlock their professional growth.

Simple onboarding with great results.

Onboarding doesn’t need to be a painful process, but we know that everyone has different needs.

Tell us what you’re looking for in an onboarding solution, and we’ll show you how JollyDeck can help.

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