Authoring Deck

An authoring and collaboration toolset for instructional designers (and everybody else)

  • Draft learning content
  • Share the content with SMEs and collect their feedback
  • Polish the content and get sign-off
  • Launch training
  • Collect user comments and make improvements
  • All in one place

Easy content editing

The Authoring Deck is an intuitive tool that anyone can use from the moment they log in. It works in every web browser with no download required.
  • Easy-to-use web interface that does not require any specific skills
  • Crop and resize images directly in the tool
  • Instant content preview. What you see is what the learner gets
  • Create rich content cards, various types of questions, checklists and more
  • Drag and drop images and videos to your content
  • Create once, use on any mobile or desktop device

Collaboration and stakeholder management

Invite colleagues to review any content.

Set deadlines for reviews to be completed and suggestions to be submitted.

Single page review
Invited users will receive access to the preview page, where content can be reviewed and comments can be added to the learning material.
Access comments from the content editor
Editors can access all comments directly within the editing page, resolving or replying to them as the required changes are made.
Email digests
None of the comments should go unnoticed. JollyDeck makes sure everyone involved in creating the content is notified about new comments by email.

Video walkthrough

Create or edit the content yourself to save time and resources
Watch the video
Collaborate with all stakeholders, SMEs or consultants within one platform
Watch the video

Publish content anywhere

Launch in the JollyDeck LMS

Export as SCORM and use in your LMS

Build continuous improvements in the process

Your content creation journey doesn’t need to end here.

If you’re using JollyDeck’s Learning Management System, you can collect comments and feedback from users and make additional content improvements. Even after the content is already in use.

Because improvements are based on real user feedback, you can make your content even better!

The content is ready. What’s next?

Your content can be served in more than one way.

Explore our recipe for a great learning experience:

Make authoring a seamless process

Authoring beautiful content should be a frictionless process.

If you want to spend less time deliberating and more time creating, then let us show you how JollyDeck can help.

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