Engaging e-learning experience

Properly engaging learners has always been a major challenge in e-learning.

People will continually argue about why this is, but we all know that e-learning has many moving parts. Taking care of each of them is not an easy thing. Making sure they all work well together takes the whole challenge on the next level.

If we simplify it, a great learning experience largely depends on 3 elements:

Typically, an LMS will take care of delivering content. It goes without saying that in order to get high levels of engagement, this delivery needs to be frictionless. Luckily, most modern LMSs have this more or less sorted.

But providing good content and wrapping them into an attractive, user-friendly package turns out to be a much more demanding task.

Why is creating engaging learning content so difficult?

In the most common e-learning setup, subject materials and presentation layers are a part of the same package.

But to create engaging content, you first need to get the subject matter down. This requires the services of an experienced instructional designer and often a host of subject matter experts.

Once you have the matter, it needs to be presented in an attractive way that encompasses the full experience. This requires the skills of copywriters, designers, illustrators, videographers/editors and interaction designers. All of whom do not come cheap on their own.

You might have the luxury to work with a well synced team of experts who have this all figured out. Or maybe you work with a unicorn who possesses all these superpowers. The reality is that most people don’t have either.

Instead, outsourcing is the most common option. Which is great for a quick fix, but makes updating in the future tricky to say the least.

What is JollyDeck doing to fix the problem with creating experience

Firstly, we decouple the subject matter from the presentation. This allows instructional designers to not get bogged down in creating the perfect experience. They can focus solely on creating meaningful subject matter and collaborating with the SMEs.

Secondly, JollyDeck allows you to put your content into a host of different formats which can alter the experience for the learner. These could be a course, a test, a quiz, a reference or a checklist.

Finally, with JollyDeck you can apply changes to your content at any time. So if you’ve launched a course, and for whatever reason you find that the content could be improved in any way, you can make the changes as necessary.

Likewise, content can be published in any format, whenever you want. If you’ve made the best course ever, and don’t want your learners to experience it just once, why not publish it as a reference? This way the learner can access it as and when they please.

Experience evolves. So do we.

JollyDeck learning modes are tried and tested to engage users, but we know that times change. That’s why we are constantly adapting our features and methods to make sure we are always on the forefront of learning experience.

For example, we have most recently developed text-to-speech functionality within the learning formats. This is not reserved solely for new courses, but any course ever created on our platform.

And this brings us to the best part: any content you’ve created with JollyDeck will always benefit from any future updates of our learning formats.

If we have got at least some of your attention, please read more about our authoring and collaboration tools and our learning formats.

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