Creating content

Creating content

Which Content Format should I use?

You can create 3 types of content in JollyDeck: course, question topic and checklist. Each can be published in different modes:

Choose the mode that fits the learning need you are targeting:

  • Learning Course: Enroled users will go through the course as it was built – from the beginning to the end with a coach. Use a course to guide your users through content with a strong focus on learning.
  • Reference: It enables Users to instantly access any part of the content – anytime.
  • Test / Challenge: Test Users with a classic compliance Test or the Test’s gamified cousin – a compliance Challenge.
  • Quiz: Set up a quiz game to benchmark or refresh knowledge of your users in a fun and informal way. Users have the freedom to choose between the full quiz version or skip the lucky moment questions.
  • Checklist: Create a list of items to be remembered or steps to be followed. You can publish a checklist in your library or on permalink to make it available at the point of needs.
  • External Files: Publish external files (PDF, PowerPoint, video) as a mission or as a standalone library item.

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