A brief insight into simplifying complex learning

Learning is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We know that individuals require different types of help and different resources are needed to support different roles. Yet too often the same course is dumped to all learners to wade through.

The HR department needs to know different things about GDPR compared to IT or marketing departments. Yet often, organisations give one GDPR course to their whole staff.

Workplace learning is increasingly becoming an ‘as and when’ approach. Learning occurs when a situation arises, and is not explained to the learner beforehand ‘why’ or ‘how’ the learning will happen. At JollyDeck, we believe that learning should be tailored to the individual’s strengths, and have a clear outline of what is expected from them beforehand.

What’re we doing about it?

Modular content to mix and match for the individual users’ needs

If you keep your content modular you can easily combine the modules based on each user role.

As the learner completes one stage of learning, further supporting resources and content, relevant to that learner/job role becomes available. Allowing for a more personalised development process.

Automate the learning journey

When you have multiple pieces of learning content, it can be hard to keep track of and assign content throughout the learning process. Especially on a case-by-case basis. That is why JollyDeck uses automation and triggers to direct learners to the right resources, depending on their needs.

You can also link to further, non-obligatory materials that can give a learner wider context around a certain subject.

Lastly, automatic reminders of the next available piece of content are sent to learners based on their progress. This way the learner is not overwhelmed by multiple courses becoming available to them at once. They can take it step-by-step and learn at their own pace.

This also works the other way. Learners are notified when they start a course or mission exactly how long they have to complete the learning. If they have not begun any courses, you don’t have to worry about chasing them yourself. JollyDeck has that all under control.

We believe that learners should be informed of what is in store for them at the beginning.

When people start a job, they are told where their role and responsibilities will progress. It shouldn’t be any different in learning.

That is why, in JollyDeck, learners are presented with a mission map before they start training. This way learners can see their learning path and the landscape of all available content before they begin.

These maps are automatically created when you build a mission of courses, quizzes and support resources.

So how does this affect you?

Quite simply, learners will get an experience that works better for them. Training will be their training, not copy and paste handouts. They will understand what is available for them to learn from, and where and when they will be able to access it.

Finally, we take the stress away from you. Automation means you don’t have to chase, assign or remind people constantly. It’s all done through JollyDeck. So you can sit back, have a cup of tea and know that your learners are on the right track at the right time.

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