Publishing content

Publishing content

What does it mean to publish content in the Library?

By publishing content as a Library item the content will be available to all Users at all times (if no access restrictions are applied).

Publishing a Library Item:

  1. From the Dashboard, enter Content Library
  2. Select New library item:

Step 1: Choose the content: course, questions, checklist or external files.
Step 2: Select the mode in which you want to publish your content
Step 3: Library items have email notifications disabled by default. Manage emails to re-enable comms with your users when they enrol in this item.
Step 4: Adjust options (cover settings, feedback, item location and time zone).

Please note: Access restrictions are set per Library Folder. Therefore, location of the library item (folder) will determine the item’s accessibility.

Step 5: Review your setup and click Publish this item.

See: How can I share Library items with others?

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