Working together – the struggles of Agile Authoring

When working with SMEs and stakeholders to create and deliver training, stress is always involved. When it comes to getting the final sign off, you know the scene all too well. Dozens of different documents, 15 different email threads, 7 separate people all throwing in a multitude of adjustments, recommendations and promises of ‘I’ll have a look at this later.’

It’s a process that is rife with waiting, confusion and time spent chasing people who have very little intention of getting back to you.

So what needs to change?

In short, we’ve highlighted 5 points that need to change. Quickly. These are:

  • Several rounds of reviews
  • Feedback is spread across lots of documents and emails
  • Collaboration is not seamless
  • Too many chefs contributing to the broth
  • The time it takes to get SMEs to contribute

How does JollyDeck’s Single Page Review counteract these problems

We make collaboration seamless

Authoring typically happens in iterations. Multiples reviews and revisions are needed to get the best end results.

Our single page review allows everyone to see and comment on content in one place. SMEs and stakeholders can share their opinions on the material at hand without having to switch between files like Final_version_number_2 and Final_version_number_3.

Instead they can add their comments directly into the material, and you can make the adjustments on the spot and reply to their comments as they make them.

We control the flow of the information

How often are files shared between team members without your permission? Creating an endless black hole of people, no matter their relevance to the content, weighing in their thoughts unwarranted?

The invite-only link makes sure that only the people that you give permission to are able to access the content review. Not only that, but you stay the sole author. People may voice their thoughts and suggest edits, but only you are able to adjust the actual text. Keeping your tone of voice firmly intact.

You can see the final product take place

Online collaboration tools are handy, but they’re not the final product. With JollyDeck’s Single Page Review, you can see the product take shape in the form it’s intended to be seen in. All in real time.

We do the chasing for you

You can also set a review deadline. Further emphasizing the urgency, and reminding your SMEs and stakeholders of how long they have to complete the task at hand. All automated, and all without you having to send any pleading emails.

To top this off, we notify you when SMEs or stakeholders make comments. Likewise, people are instantly notified when you invite them to the review or have replied to one of their comments.

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