✨PowerPoint to courses: Before and after

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Published on 29/03/2024

Results of PowerPoint to Course conversions in the first month

Converting PowerPoint presentations into e-learning courses has been a highly sought-after feature for years. 

Thanks to some serious leaps in AI capabilities we’ve developed JollyDeck’s PowerPoint to course converter an automated workflow that effortlessly transforms PowerPoint into captivating e-learning.

Witness the action

Since introducing the PPT to courses converter, we’ve consistently been asked to showcase the solution live. In the past month alone, we have successfully converted over 1,000 PPT slides  on various workplace topics. Dozens of these conversions were done in live sessions.

After each conversion, we ask the client for honest feedback on the quality of the end result. We are immensely proud to say that the average rating received is 6.97 (out of 10). 

As we await your booking for a demo, these latest PPT conversion results might just be the proof you need before committing to attend a call to convert your own PPT.

PPT to course: before and after

Let’s transform your PowerPoint presentation into captivating e-learning in real time during a live session.

Book a demo with us and have your PowerPoint presentation ready!  

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