Advanced features

Advanced features

How does Text-To-Speech work in JollyDeck?

In our development of the text-to-speech feature, we have combined the feeling of a human narrator with the speed of automated audio narration services.

Our software is built to recognise distinct items in your course’s content. The narration adjusts to the tone of voice, speed and volume relative to your content, so the audio flows naturally.

With JollyDeck’s text-to-speech, you are able to generate audio content in real time. Plus you can publish a real-time update, even if that content is already live. Simply amend the course’s content in our authoring environment and the narration will be automatically re-generated.

Learners will be able to listen to the sound narration of the latest course version by clicking on the speaker symbol at top of each learning card.

Check one of our free demo courses and try out JollyDeck sound narration yourself.

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