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Learning Course


The Coach

The Coach facilitates learning through 3-minute ‘bites’.
Accessible anywhere, on any device, and on the user’s terms.

Artificial intelligence can’t beat live training

At JollyDeck we believe face-to-face learning with a trainer is the top user experience. But classroom training is often unavailable, difficult to schedule, too costly, or otherwise impracticable.

Learning with your Coach combines the best of e-learning and classroom training. All information is delivered to your user’s favourite device via a charming and artificially intelligent virtual trainer. Chatting with your Coach feels natural, and yes, fun!

Meet our coaching team

Master Hanzō is from Japan. He was born in 1542 and excels at sudoku, jenga and chess. He’s a man of strict order and discipline. He expects nothing less from his learners. He would have been promoted to principal years ago if he wasn’t so bad tempered. (He’s still fun!)
Miss Asana* was born too soon to be a millennial and too late for Gen X. She dreams of a world filled with love, peace and well-educated employees. Between her trips to the ashram, she’s eager to share positive energy and pertinent information with her learners.
Our coaches are multi-lingual. If you’re interested in languages other than English please  get it touch

More Coaches are on the way

Let us know if you need a Coach based on a specific fictional character. Maybe your company already has a mascot or a hero? We’d love to help you build your customized virtual Coach!

Learning with The Coach 

in a Nutshell

Game based learning: Why?

Learning isn’t supposed to be fun! Or is it?
While you decide if you like it or not, I’ll use all my superpowers to convince your managers that my world is not a game.

I take this personally...

Emotions make us human!
Limited interaction with peers or trainers makes e-learning dull. At JollyDeck, our goal is that you enjoy yourself – even during compliance training!

Keepin’ it short and sweet

Micro-learning is the new black.
Trust us! You won’t sit for endless hours. Courses are organized into short modules so you take in content on your terms – when and where you want it!

Funky and mobile

Papa’s got a brand new... phone!
You probably aren’t in that peewee 15% who spend less than 180 minutes daily on their mobiles – are you?!

Don’t trivialize – influence!

I take learning seriously!
By embracing the theory of spaced repetition, we make your learning minutes count, and help you recognize your progress.

Feel good, have fun, learn something! It’s the JollyDeck way.

Compliance Test

The only thing in JollyDeck Test the user needs to worry about are the questions!

Taking a test is never stress-free.
It’s the testing environment that makes the difference. Struggling to login, figuring out what to do next, or dealing with poor connectivity. It all pushes frustration to a whole new level.
Wouldn’t it be nice if things just... worked?

Available anywhere, on your terms

Just like learning, testing needs to work across multiple scenarios. Want to run it in your classroom? At an off-site meeting? Sure! Want to go old school and run the test in a ring-fenced environment at your workplace? No problem.

beyond pass-rate score

Deal with your user performance, identify knowledge gaps on an aggregated level, or, dig deeper to identify strong/weak points of each individual. Analyze your aggregate performance and quickly outline any poorly performing questions. Make use of real-time reports (available in your dashboard) or download data to your computer for further analysis.

Make compliance an ongoing process

Testing should not be the core compliance activity. Testing is the final step in an ongoing process of embedding knowledge. Do you have a piece of content ready? Run it as a short course before your users actually enter the test.

Compliance Challenge:

Our contribution to eliminating test-related stress

The Challenge emphasizes knowledge over pass-rate. Learners are encouraged to focus on on their score and consistency, rather than time elapsed. Engagement strategies (like nicknames, a leaderboard, and advanced scoring) make the experience more lifelike and counterbalance frustration.

Is the Compliance Challenge hard to build?

It’s a click of a button. Literally.
Create your Test. When you are finished, enable the Challenge with 1 click. That’s it!

A game? What about my analytics?

The testing standards and methodology behind the Challenge are the same as in the classic Compliance Test. Also, all analytics and settings remain exactly the same. It’s only the user’s experience that exists in a class of its own.

What you get?

One app to rule them all

Your entire digital learning and compliance package, available as a single user experience. Access through a web address or a mobile app. Offline learning and testing supported.

Multi language support

Our virtual coaches and comms bots are multi-lingual. If you’re interested in anything other than English, please get in touch.

Marketing and email comms

The JollyDeck system sends the right message to the right user at the right time. Our platform comes with a number of pre-written emails and notifications to announce the start of learning activities and will also notify your users about their progress (or lack of same).

Time zones support

Plan all your learning activities at times relevant to each user’s location. No sending emails or push notifications that arrive in the middle of someone’s night or weekend.


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