Solving a complex case using a simplified approach

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Published on 28/10/2014

Discover how we developed a campaign to identify knowledge gaps to provide crucial analysis.

Isaac Newton said ‘Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.’

At JollyDeck we like to keep things simple and we aren’t no dummy either. And when it comes to training sometimes a bite-size, simple approach is the best way to address a complex case. This is precisely how we endeavoured in this learning challenge.


Capita recognised a challenge within the operations which handle billing and payment enquiries for one of their clients. Our goal was to identify knowledge gaps in order to improve performance in one of their contact centres.


Creating a persuasive and efficient learning environment, where content is segmented by chapters and ready for contextual analysis.


  • Over 40% of the engagement came on weekends and outside general working hours
  • Knowledge gains of 18.9%
  • The in-depth content provided Capita a basis for a coaching needs’ analysis
  • Positive imact to employee welfare – read more in our blogpost
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Mission: Identify knowledge gaps
Identifying knowledge gaps to improve performance KPIs in a contact centre
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