L&D Twitter Sentiment 2019–2020

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Published on 14/02/2020

Since 2016, JollyDeck has been analysing the Twitter posts of top profiles in Learning and Development, along with their followers.

When we do this analysis, we’re trying to discover the topics which were most popular in the L&D community in any given year. This is achieved through matching individual tweets to specific keywords and phrases, which in turn belong to 23 different topics. Thirsty work, right?

Most popular L&D related keywords in 2019

To start with – we’ve analysed 219,552 Twitter profiles and more than 50 million tweets. About 1.5% of those relate to one of the topics relevant to L&D, which qualified roughly 750k tweets for further examination.

2019 L&D Twittersphere topic leaderboard
artificial intelligence 23%
coaching 15%
learning management system (lms) 12%
virtual reality 11%
collaborative 6%
video 5%
moocs 4%
chatbot 4%
learning analytics 4%
gamification 3%
synchronous delivery 3%
neuroscience 2%
personalisation 2%
learning experience platform (lxp) 2%
authoring 2%
  • In total we analysed 23 topics relevant to L&D, of which only 15 qualified for further data analysis
  • 8 topics, including previously hot topics of microlearning and curation, were not significant enough to be included in the results.

The L&D trends: a wider perspective

When we published our first L&D Twitter research in 2016, we analysed trends by looking at the monthly data sets. This way we could produce a month-to-month comparison of relevant topics and indicate the trends within a span of a single year.

Having 4 years’ worth of historical data, it is fairly safe to conclude that – at least from a data standpoint – L&D’s sentiment doesn’t change very rapidly on Twitter.

Whilst changes can be observed, it made far more sense to shift our angle a bit and compare trends over the years, rather than months.

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

Looking at the last 4 years’ worth of data, changes are definitely happening.

Many of the topics are steadfast members of the leaderboard, but there have been some fast and unexpected shakeups.

The below graph represents topics with the most significant dips and rises from 2016–2019:

This is an initial report. For more information visit the
L&D Twitter sentiment – full report

The Influencer Methodology

To create this report, we identified 36 key influencers in the L&D space. They were picked specifically because the big-wigs at JollyDeck concluded that their followers had a strong interest in L&D. Therefore, they would tweet about L&D related subjects on a fairly frequent basis.

The influencer list is refreshed yearly. Whilst it’s generally expanding as years go by, some individuals fall off the radar. This is mostly due to their inactivity or shift of focus away from the topics relevant to our report.

Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri 1.6K followers
Helen Blunden @ActivateLearn 8.3K followers
Ajay M. Pangarkar @bizlearningdude 2.0K followers
Jane Hart @C4LPT 33.9K followers
Cathy Moore @CatMoore 13.9K followers
Mike Collins @Community_Mike 4.2K followers
Christopher Pappas @cpappas 55.8K followers
Craig Sybert @Craig_Sybert 1.9K followers
Donald H Taylor @DonaldHTaylor 12.9K followers
Edmund Monk @edmundmonk 5.0K followers
Elliott Masie @emasie 11.3K followers
Julie Drybrough @fuchsia_blue 9.3K followers
Guy W Wallace @guywwallace 3.7K followers
Harold Jarche @hjarche 18.0K followers
JD Dillon @JD_Dillon 5.2K followers
Jeevan Joshi @jeevesj 1.5K followers
Josh Bersin @Josh_Bersin 58.5K followers
Julian Stodd @julianstodd 7.0K followers
Kate Graham @kategraham23 6.8K followers
Karl Kapp @kkapp 6.4K followers
Laura Overton @lauraoverton 8.1K followers
Con Sotidis @LearnKotch 4.9K followers
David Kelly @LnDDave 10.3K followers
Matthew Guyan @MattGuyan 4.0K followers
Mel Milloway @MelMilloway 12.7K followers
Michelle Ockers @MichelleOckers 4.3K followers
Martin Dougiamas @moodler 11.9K followers
Niall Gavin @niallgavinuk 4.7K followers
Nick Floro @nickfloro 4.8K followers
Meg Peppin @OD_optimist 6.6K followers
Patti Shank @pattishank 9.6K followers
Paul Jocelyn @PaulJocelyn 0.8K followers
Clark Quinn @Quinnovator 13.8K followers
Ryan Tracey @ryantracey 10.1K followers
Sam Rogers @snapsynapse 2.1K followers
Sunder Ramachandran @sundertrg 4.7K followers
Trish Uhl @trishuhl 6.7K followers

Interested in the full report?

There’s more interesting findings on the way. Of which a full report will be published in the coming weeks.

Send us an email on hello@jollydeck.com and we’ll happily send you a full report when it’s available. Or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter for more updates.

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