🪄JollyDeck’s AI Copilot: Generate interactive questions

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Published on 19/03/2024

Less than 4 weeks since releasing the Slide redesign we’re thrilled to introduce another major AI-powered feature from our AI Copilot roadmap.

JollyDeck’s AI Copilot can now generate questions for any slide in your course.

🌪️Don’t confuse, reinforce

In e-learning, questions are the most obvious way to engage learners. But beyond mere engagement, questions also need to be done right. 

The purpose of questions is to activate learners, reinforce key points, and evaluate their understanding. They are not meant to confuse learners or trick them into choosing the wrong answer.

By considering the context of a slide and adhering to instructional principles, the Copilot generates questions to effectively reinforce key messages and engage learners.

🔌How it works 

The process is straightforward:

Step 1: Activate the Copilot
Instruct the Copilot to generate a question on your chosen slide in JollyDeck Create. 

Step 2: Select the question type
Choose from three types of questions: true/false, multiple choice, or multiple correct questions.

Step 3: Use or re-generate
The AI Copilot generates two distinct suggestions, allowing you to choose which messages you want to reinforce or highlight with the question. If neither seems appropriate, simply ask the Copilot to generate new suggestions.

💥Key features and benefits

We believe questions should be clear, concise and unambiguous. And so the Copilot will try to generate such questions.

Providing feedback to learners after they answer a question is a hidden e-learning gem. The Copilot ensures this prime teachable moment is not lost, as every generated question comes with information regarding the correct answer and its rationale. 

Quick and intuitive
Guided by a series of simple and quick steps, the author effortlessly navigates through the process of generating new questions with the Copilot.

Author is in control 
And, last but not least, it allows you to stay in control and fine-tune the question to your needs. The Copilot always provides several options, empowering you to choose which message you want to reinforce or highlight with the question.

Tip: Use the Copilot for generating question ideas, as a writing assistant, or simply as a tool that saves you a bit of time.

Ready to experience JollyDeck’s AI Copilot?

Enhance your learning content instantly with JollyDeck’s Copilot. Book a demo to witness the power of AI-driven question generation firsthand. 

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