JollyDeck Will Join Wayra London Academy in 2013

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Published on 02/04/2013

Last week, JollyDeck was accepted to Wayra Academy in London. Out of the 3,444 applications from 32 countries, 30 best projects were invited to the final selection. In three days of intense pitching and networking, 17 winning teams were picked to join the academy program in 2013. We are proud to be one of them.

For us, the selection process was not just about filling application forms and pitching the idea to the judges. It was an opportunity to rethink our goals, strategies and values.

Up until now we were focused on running a sustainable business, solving real life problems, optimizing our client’s processes and making our users happy.

In other words: We don’t want to rule the world – we want to make it a better place!

We also realize that going through an acceleration process can heavily affect this kind of attitude.

A lot of buzzing was was going on in these weeks so we had to keep our focus. To lose it would mean we couldn’t make a sanity check about the values, views and the vision that we need to share in order to succeed. The rules of the new generation are yet to be written, but it seems that the pencils are sharpened and pointing at the  the same direction. Not just those of Wayra, but – perhaps far more importantly – those of the other lucky 16 teams as well.

So all embark and hold tight – we have only  9 months to engage warp speed.

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