🎇JollyDeck’s AI Copilot: Generate new content block

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Published on 12/06/2024

When you’re stuck and don’t know how to finish your slide, the AI Copilot is there to help.

JollyDeck’s AI Copilot can now help you come up with content snippets and elements that are missing from your slide.

If your slide feels incomplete or lacks details, tell the AI Copilot what you have in mind. It will generate a fully designed and complete content block to finalise your slide.

🦾How it works?

  1. Open your content in the Content Editor
  2. Click the (+) button between rows to add a new row
  3. Select the option Generate with AI Copilot
  4. Enter a rough idea of what you want to add
  5. The Copilot will create a new content section based on your idea
  6. Feel free to switch between the design of the new content section until you find the one you like the most
  7. Confirm your selection and finalise the content in the Editor

🎮Why it’s cool?

This feature is great for those who create content one block at a time. Adding blocks of content with AI Copilot significantly reduces the time and effort required to transform your rough ideas into final copy and design. 

The Copilot considers the context of your slide, generating content blocks that align and seamlessly integrate with what you have already built.
By focusing on smaller, specific content blocks instead of entire slides, you can better manage the Copilot’s output.

🎈Is it available for me?

AI Copilot features, including this new content block builder, are available to all users with access to the JollyDeck Create suite

👀 Not using JollyDeck yet? 

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