Keeping things fresh with themes

Published on 05/11/2014

There’s no question corporations can communicate across a wide variety of channels to their employees. From emails to flyers, from high quality presentations to an online library of resources the choices for disseminating learnings are varied.
But a training manager can send email after email or presentation after presentation and still get learners nowhere if they aren’t engaged.
At JollyDeck, and in the learning and development world, we all know one of the primary hurdles we have to clear is getting an employee or learner engaged and without engaged learners other efforts are futile.

Keeping this challenge in mind we are constantly brainstorming, researching, and asking ourselves how we can improve and expand our offering in a way that gets employees engaged in JollyDeck and continues to keep them engaged use after use. We’ve built our strategy around innovation and understand that in the gaming world keeping things interesting and challenging needs to be a top priority.

We’re bringing even more creativity in the game making it just as fun from the first experience to the twentieth. One such way we’re flexing our creative muscle is by providing a variety of themes which can be changed from one campaign to the next.
Whether it be an upcoming holiday or a special season utilising a theme for a campaign can provide more variety and fun to the JollyDeck experience. We have built themes around everything from Halloween to summertime from a music festival to a football club: imagination is really the only limit.

When implementing a theme it doesn’t just start and stop with a visual background and avatar clothing. In fact, when we design a theme we build in all the key gamification elements around that theme to create the best quality user experience. From the first email of the campaign to the final second in the countdown users will enjoy a fresh experience with each new theme.
To start with we design the email visuals and communications in a way which reflect the theme.


Once a player clicks on the link to play they are transported into the JollyDeck platform with background visuals and in-game graphics reflecting the theme.


Each theme comes with special options in the virtual store with a wide variety of hair styles, accessories and clothes to dress avatars appropriately for the occasion.


Including themes into campaign building is just one more step in our quest to make authoring learning and development campaigns fun and enjoyable for managers as well. This means coupled with our management dashboard it is easy to roll out something new and exciting again and again to your learners which promises to keep people happy and most importantly actually engaged in the learnings.

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