How we can meet the training demands of new product releases

Published on 18/11/2014

Apple’s website boasts, “iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger – it’s better in every way”. This statement will definitely pique consumers’ curiosity, but when a customer comes into a store or calls to place their order they want to know the specifics details that make it ‘better in every way’.

Companies that sell technical devices like mobile phones, tablets and all things tech need a workforce that is incredibly familiar with all the specific product features and how it will meet the distinct needs of each customer. Having this type of knowledge on multiple products can be challenging not to mention the added pressure of learning about a new product which is highly sought by consumers and releasing in just a few days.

In the technology sector of the retail industry this challenge is faced often and there is a requirement for a tool to quickly upskill the sales and customer service workforce on new products in an efficient and effect way.

We have always felt our tool is uniquely equipped to provide a solution to this challenge and now have a case study which showcases our ability to do just that.

Challenge: To upskill a workforce within a retail network of telecommunications stores on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ product and features with a training roll-out time of 6 days.

Results: An average overall increase of knowledge levels by more than 65% after spending 10-20 minutes within the training.

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Mission: Speedy launch & new product knowledge
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