How we became more dog

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Published on 18/09/2013

In this blog you will read about:

  • How we executed our largest training campaign so far;
  • How we suffered (and finally defeated) Murphy’s law;
  • How we became more dog.

Those who live in the UK probably couldn’t escape the latest O2 marketing campaign, commanding us to, ‘Be more dog’.

For those who were cowering under a rock or hibernating from the imminent winter, the campaign was all about challenging people to be more curious, emotional and passionate (by using their new 4G network).


At JollyDeck, our mission was to pass on this information about upcoming 4G technology to more than 8000 O2 employees. This included basic technical details about 4G; advantages of superfast wireless internet, migrating from old technology to new, specific tariff information, 4G launch cities etc.

The project presented various challenges; firstly having a large number of participants distributed widely across the UK and an extremely short time frame in which to execute the training. Another was engaging busy employees who couldn’t afford to learn during their normal working days.

But JollyDeck was created with all these issues in mind and we claim with confidence that we are currently the best solution on the market to solve them.

However, Mr. Murphy and his law played tricks on us several other times during the campaign. Yes, we had some sleepless nights and grew some more grey hair. We know that when delivering a solution to a problem, such as JollyDeck, it’s integral that any challenges we meet have to be addressed head on. The flexibility of our platform and the close working relationship we shared with our client meant we were able to successfully overcome them.

What’s more, in our experience, handling crisis situations like these can often lead to better solutions that will become an essential part of our future product and services.

In addition, our valuable experiences gained by executing a project of this size will directly inform the future development of our learning platform. The good news is that some of these custom made solutions will soon become an integral part of JollyDeck and will be available to all of our clients.

There are a number of new challenges ahead of us already and we’re staying aware, adaptive and passionate. Our mission is to change the way people learn. Our mission is – to Be more dog!

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