Managing users

Managing users

How do I deactivate and/or delete a user?

When you deactivate a user, they will no longer be able to access their JollyDeck account and their activity will be removed from overall statistics and performance analytics.

There are 3 deactivation options:

  1. Deactivate user – deactivates the user without deleting user data
  2. Deactivate user and mark as absent – used for temporary deactivations (e.g. employees on maternity leave)
  3. Deactivate and delete – deactivates and, after 12 months, delete all user data

Deactivate users manually

  1. Enter the person’s User profile
  2. In the User status section, click on show deactivation options

3. A new window will appear, with 4 user status options. – select the relevant one:

Deactivate users via Bulk User Management

See Bulk User Management to learn how to deactivate users in bulk.

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