Managing comms

Managing comms

How do I send custom emails?

Create your own teasers and Mission/Library item announcements!

Custom email for a Mission can be send to either:

  • all Users in a Mission
  • all Users who have started but not yet finished the Mission; or
  • all Users who have not yet started the Mission

On the other hand, custom email for Library items (course, test or quiz) can be send to either:

  • all who have already finished tasks in this item,
  • all who have not yet finished tasks in this item; or
  • all users who ever took part in this item.

Sending custom emails

  1. From the Dashboard, enter Missions/Content Library
  2. Select the Mission/Library item
  3. Click on Comms
  4. Go to the bottom of the page and click New custom email
  5. Edit the message and adjust email recipients. Sending of custom emails in a mission can also be limited to selected segments.

See: How do I create/send the personalised registration link to first-time Users?

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