The JollyDeck Jargon Buster

The JollyDeck Jargon Buster

JollyDeck Create (Content Editor)

JollyDeck’s advanced toolkit to build interactive learning content. Content Editor sits in the Learning management side of the platform.

The Content Editor allows you to:

  • Design content by creating slides and equipping them with information and different elements.
  • Preview content in its final form and go through it as a learner.
  • Discuss, review and co-author your content with others 
  • Publish content to directly share it with selected colleagues (learners) without having to publish it in a Library
  • Request help from the Learning Expert Team to help you with content creation.

In 2024 we have significantly enhanced JollyDeck Create with AI-powered features, known as JollyDeck Copilot

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