Creating content

Creating content

Can I review my content draft with other users?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to do this once you are ready to share your draft.

Inviting users to a content review page

You can invite stakeholders to review your entire course displayed on a single page.

You will find this feature under the ‘••• Options’ link when you open any course in the Content Editor. Once you invite the reviewers, they will receive a link to a dedicated review page by email. Please note that reviewers have to be a JollyDeck user in order to access the review page.

This review option enables reviewers to provide comments on cards but they cannot edit the content.

For more details about this feature, see What is a single page review feature and how can I use it?

Also, there are alternative ways to share your course draft with other users:

  • Sharing a draft with Users who have access to the Dashboard
  • Publishing a draft as a Mission and inviting Users
  • Word Export

For more details, see What are other ways to review my course draft beside using a content review page?

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