Analytics and feedback

Analytics and feedback

What analytics are available when publishing a SCORM package in JollyDeck?

For learning with SCORM packages we collect the following data: 

  • Open/click rate of email comms.
  • Date & time of when a user was added / has self-enrolled
  • Date & time of when a user has started / opened the learning
  • Date & time of when a user has completed the learning

This data can be observed on a user or segment level. 

Having troubles viewing analytics for a learning with a SCORM package?

As SCORM packages come from different authoring tools, they can significantly differ from one to another. For this reason, we have developed a range of fine-tuning settings that enable us to support even the most special SCORM packages. 

To spare you from all the complexity, these settings were removed from the Learning management. If you ever encounter any problems with a SCORM package, please contact us at and we will be happy to take care of this.

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