Does JollyDeck provide useful analytics I can’t get elsewhere?

We hope so! We’re aiming to be the best possible in terms of delivering analytics. If there is something you think we aren’t covering, give us a shout.

We provide analytics for any content published as Mission or Library item.

One of our stats that isn’t universally available in the learning space is conversion and click-through rates for emails and other comms. Per our ACME model, ROI in learning begins with A = acquisition. Therefore, comms are just as important as the rest of your Mission. You can read more about how the ACME Model works in JollyDeck in our ACME Analytics Model whitepaper.

We also provide an overall accounting for time spent by each Learner in a Mission. Through measuring seemingly small things, like how much time Learners spend looking at an external link, document or video, and by noting if a Learner leaves the course from those external links, we’re able to get an accurate picture of actual time in the Mission.

See: Where can I view Mission / Library item analytics?

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