Engagement Manifesto

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Published on 22/05/2017

At JollyDeck we believe there is no single silver bullet to address the engagement challenge. But through the years we’ve developed a set of rules and standards that we implement in every part of our learning platform. We’ve got one simple goal: make the JollyDeck user experience enjoyable.

Engagement Manifesto

We shouldn’t be happy with the current state of our industry. We need to squeeze the maximum out of available technology. We must invent new ways of learning. Our job is to be inspirational, and on the cutting edge of information transfer.

1. Respect all users!

There are three categories of users for any digital learning process: Creators, Learners, and Managers. Each type of user engagement must be efficient, reliable, and gratifying.

2. Keep it simple!

No instruction manuals allowed. The successful digital learning user experience is as intuitive as unlocking the front door.

3. Support and facilitate the learner!

People’s time is limited. Maximize on what they’ve got available: improve learning efficiency through intuitive learning tools and mnemonic techniques.

4. Never underestimate or condescend!

You’re dealing with intelligent adults, often highly experienced workers. Always keep in mind that learning is highly personal and people will disengage from glib, superficial or too-easy content.

5. Support content creators!

Human beings still generate the vast majority of content. Understand the dynamics of this process and help streamline it to save authors’ time and energy.

6. Empower the subject matter expert!

Empower experts to create their own content. This massively improves message accuracy and saves time.

7. Ideas over features!

Make sure new features don’t kill engagement. If everyone else is saying ‘of course’ then there are probably better ways of getting there. Do your best to explore them.

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