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Published on 29/10/2014

JollyDeck was created and designed around the belief that both enjoyable learning and valuable analysis could be achieved without forcing employees to click through a boring training module. And the virtual feedback we receive from learners when they call our trainings ‘addictive’, ‘fun’ and ‘motivating’ proves we are anything but boring.

And this is fantastic news because we, like many other businesses, believe employees’ welfare and well-being adds business value to your organisation. In fact an article in HR magazine linked trainings to well-being saying training can increase an employee’s sense of value, “leading to a 22% increase in happiness”. Which is big news for all businesses who focus on staff welfare, like those attending the World Economic Forum, where well-being became an economic issue and was put on the agenda for large multinational CEOs and governments all over the world.

But back to our clients and their learners and our drive to bring them a successful learning campaign. One of the most rewarding experiences I can describe is seeing learners excited to engage with our tool. I had the opportunity and privilege to see this firsthand when we launched a learning campaign at a contact centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

This was the first encounter these advisors had with JollyDeck and we could not have been more pleased with their responses. The learning campaign was launched on-site with a live registration process. This meant I packed my bags and was onsite and on the scene working to drive engagement in the campaign and hear valuable feedback directly from the advisors participating in the training.

So without further ado – here’s what our learners thought about JollyDeck!

RiyadhRiyadh N. – Quality Coach
“I found it fun, it’s a bit different to the way questions are posed. The questions are quite challenging, they’re  not your everyday question, so that’s what made it a bit more fun for me. The questions are really important questions, though it’s not something you actually think of everyday. So the fact that you’re having to think about it, after you answer that question, even if you got it wrong, you’re going to remember it thereafter. So when you get that question or need that information on a call you’re definitely going to have it remembered.”

TobyToby M. – Advisor
“I really like it. It keeps you focused on what’s happening at work, especially because, there’s things I didn’t know that I know now so it’s really helping me in my job. Other training would be here’s a manual, go to the webpage, read, answer the questions. That’s boring. This way of training, because we get to compete with each other, and the further you get on the game, the more questions that come up, so it’s more effective when it comes to training.”

ChadChad S. – Level 1 Advisor
“I’m still in the training stage and on the verge of being signed off from my probation. For me it worked as a bonus, because I got to learn about different queries that we will get regarding Billing and Payments and I’ve already been able to use that on the calls and it’s been very helpful. It makes it more exciting, obviously if you can win something, everyone wants to win something. But knowing that you can learn and compete in a gaming environment is pretty cool, it makes it more exciting. Also makes work feel like it’s not just boring, you enjoy coming to work when you have small things like that.”

JustinJustin D. – Learning & Development Officer
“Because I am a L & D Officer I’m getting experience from it as well. JollyDeck is something fantastic that has been brought here that’s just gonna let the experience grow within the company for new advisors, old advisors, team leaders, operation managers, and a wonderful thing that we have right now. Traditional training methods, what we use at the moment we use different styles. We’re looking at flipchart paper, power point presentations. It’s a huge step up from what we currently do and will take us to the next level as trainers as well. I can see people on the floor during their lunch times, their break times, while waiting for calls and they’re using this and I think its a fantastic idea, because this is what we do, technology is key and its how people learn these days. We can use this to our advantage to upskill our guys on the floor to make us better at what we do.”

FadwahFadwah G. – Quality Coach
“We were getting a pretty big buy-in for the number of advisors that we had. And everyone got into the competition, coming in to check their scores, the advisors wanting to be on top. The actual material and questions are quite tricky, it’s not something easy that you just click, click, click and get the answers right, you have to go back and try a few games which is pretty awesome. Performing my job will go way better, because I can always fall back on what we did in the game and use JollyDeck and it also improved my knowledge because what I didn’t know before I know now and can use it across my coaching.”




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