Launching compliance training 2/6: Content considerations

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Published on 03/07/2020

This is the second post from the checklist series ‘Launching Compliance Training’. Make sure that you have finished the list of Things to consider when getting stakeholders on board before you continue with this one.

After weeks of collaborating with SMEs and stakeholders, you’ve gone through several rounds of review and your content has finally been given the green light. The very thought of reviewing the content one more time may make you feel queasy, but it’s always advised to do a sanity check before anything is published.

This checklist outlines what you need to consider after the content has been signed off, and what to do before you go live with your compliance training in your LMS.

Proofreading and consistency check

Not only do things like typos, grammatical errors, inconsistent terminology or differing text formatting distract from the learning experience, they also look unprofessional.

  1. Has the final version of the content been proofread?
    After the last touch-ups and final tweaks have been made, make sure a second or even third pair of eyes has gone over the content in its entirety.
  2. Have you completed a consistency-check of the final content version?
    Check the consistency of the terminology (e.g. are you using the same, company-specific language throughout?)

Testing the final look

The only way a smooth user experience can be ensured is if you go through the entire content from the learner’s point of view. You need to review the content end-to-end in its final, published format to make sure everything looks and acts as it is intended.

Pay particular attention to things like:

  1. Is the quality of the graphics and other multimedia sufficient?
    The quality of your graphics/multimedia may vary depending on which devices they are being displayed on. Each graphic or any other piece of multimedia needs to be properly checked to ensure it works across all devices. Additionally, if there are any captions, they need to be readable across all devices too.
  2. Do the videos load smoothly?
    Like with your graphics, you need to test if your videos will work across different devices. Furthermore, if someone has a slow connection, do they still load? You need to test all of the possible scenarios so everyone can have the same experience. If videos are loading too slowly, it may be that their file size is too big. It is crucial that all videos are optimised for e-learning format.

Sanity check

To properly test the learner experience, time how long it takes you to complete the final and published version of the whole course.

  1. Can the training still be done within given time limits?
  2. If there is more content than initially planned, can the learners still do it one or as many sessions you initially planned for?
  3. If not, can you break it down into smaller, more manageable but still meaningful takes?

So you’re finished and happy with the content? The next post in our Launching compliance training checklists series covers obstacles that may arise around accessing the training and how to avoid them.

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