Compliance Testing: A Basket Case?

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Published on 30/03/2017

Many of our clients are in heavily regulated industries (gas and energy, telecoms, financial services). For clients like this, compliance is deeply intertwined with process – which inevitably impacts organizational culture. The workforce response? You’d be really hard-pressed to find positive sentiment regarding compliance.

The (ef***g ) compliance test

Try fixing what hurts most: the inevitable one-on-one of employee against compliance test. The more active an organisation, the more changes get introduced. The more change, the more regulation to ensure changes are implemented safely, legally… Many of our clients undergo compliance testing on a monthly (or even more frequent) basis. Most organizations are using methods devised when we were still filling in multiple choice questionnaires with lead pencils.

It wasn’t fun then, it isn’t fun now. How to break this deadly cycle?

Compliance test: fine-tuned

Remarkable as it may seem, many elearning tools still suffer from very basic maladies. It’s a struggle to login and to figure out what to do next, there’s poor connectivity… all pushing frustration to a whole new level.

Here’s a thought! How about if things just, well, worked?

Compliance test

The first step is to clean up the interface and make the user experience seamless. Then, minimise the number of clicks your people need to navigate to the actual test. Once arrived, minimise noise.

Compliance test

Available anywhere, on your users’ terms

Just like learning, testing needs to work across multiple scenarios. Want to run it in your classroom? At an off-site meeting? Sure! Want to go old school and run the test in a ring-fenced environment at your workplace? No problem.

Analytics beyond pass-rate score

Deal with your user performance, identify knowledge gaps on an aggregated level, or, dig deeper to identify strong/weak points of each individual.

Analyze your aggregate performance and quickly outline any poorly performing questions. Make use of real-time reports (available in your dashboard) or download data to your computer for further analysis.


Compliance challenge

Introducing the new ‘Grandmaster’ of compliance!

Compliance challenge: enter
Step 1: Imagine a 20-something frontline customer service representative who needs to do a compliance test every month.

Compliance challenge: avatar
Step 2: Now, imagine having the test experience be less about “continuous improvement” and more about knowledge levels – what they know.

Compliance challenge: game
Learners are encouraged to focus on their score and consistency, rather than time elapsed.

Compliance challenge: leaderboard

Engagement strategies (like nicknames, a leaderboard, and advanced scoring) make the experience more lifelike and counterbalance frustration.

How hard is it to build the Challenge?

It’s a click of a button. Literally.

Create your Test. When you are finished, enable the Challenge with 1 click. That’s it!

A game? What about my analytics?

The testing standards and methodology behind the Challenge are the same as in the classic Compliance Test.

Also, all analytics and settings remain exactly the same. It’s only the user’s experience that enters into a class of its own.

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