Chat with your virtual Coach!

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Published on 27/10/2016

Mobile learning is all the rage in the industry. But how likely is it that you’ll open a learning app during your precious 5-minute break?

Mobile learning? No thanks!

What I like to do is check my Twitter feed, play a game or two. Maybe message my mates.

What I probably won’t do is call someone. I’m out of the habit, and it feels like it will take too long. The fact is, behaviours have changed. We don’t use our phones the same way, and we don’t learn the way we used to. Not in the workplace anyway. These days, we learn when there’s a need to. It’s all ‘just-in-time’. And, learning tools need to keep pace with us.

So we’re introducing a new way of workplace learning:

Chat with your virtual Coach!

The Coach will nudge you. The Coach sends you bite-sized learning chunks and tickles your brain. Powered by artificial intelligence, The Coach can deliver any type of content to any device. The Coach knows how to personalize learning paths to maximize learning efficiency.

Actually, it’s fun! Give it a try?

Click here and start chatting!

The Coach app is available in App Store and Google Play.
A web version for your desktop or laptop computer is also available. Learning online via IE8 locked down behind multiple firewalls or via the Microsoft Edge browser on your flashy new mobile? We’ve got you covered.
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