Performance Deck

Leave management to managers

Capture performance data at the source for comprehensive insights.

Learning is not the goal – performance is!

Learning technology at its best can only provide for good and memorable learning experiences.

To transcend the boundaries of L&D, we need to think beyond views, passes and time spent doing so.

Performance impacting the bottom line is the goal that JollyDeck aspires to achieve. The more that knowledge acquisition is aligned to the flow of work, the more learning can influence a teams’ performance.

Rather than having a standalone performance management solution, JollyDeck brings key performance capabilities to where the action is already happening.

Get a holistic view of everyone’s performance

JollyDeck allows you to identify deviations of learning performance data at the source.

Managers need an overview of learning performance at their fingertips. They will have well formulated opinions on their team’s individual performance, but need meaningful data to correlate it with.

A real-time view on the individual member’s performance is essential for identifying and eliminating poor performance and – much more importantly – recognising the good work your people do.

Benchmarking performance with observation checklists

A clearly defined set of role-based behavioural and functional standards benefits all organisations.

Paired with the best mobile-friendly solution to benchmark those same standards, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Providing a full audit trail, observation checklists are perfect for onboarding.

This allows you to understand your KPIs as they provide a healthy ground for benchmarking the performance of your people.

Keeping your data structured and transparent

Benefits for the
Transparent standards of ‘great’ for their role.
Benefits for the
Rock-solid set of criteria to benchmark individual performance.
Benefits for the
Quantified view across all skills and capabilities in your organisation.

360° feedback

The team performance module allows both managers and mentors to record feedback for the individual in various ways.

In an observation checklist, micro feedback related to individual KPIs is enabled.

Overall feedback on the learner’s profile can be submitted at any time, or feedback can also be tied to a ring-fenced process such as onboarding or yearly benchmarking.

Feedback is regularly utilised during 1:1s between managers and individuals, and our clients frequently use it in yearly appraisals.

Activity happens all the time.
What are you doing to eliminate obstacles?

Setting clear standards. Offering transparent & real-time feedback. Allowing your people to understand how they’re being benchmarked and who’s assessing them.

Giving your managers a say on what their team should be focusing on.

Doing all that? Great. If not, it’s time to talk.

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