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Pain-free Authoring

Authoring puts the biggest strain on resources. Let’s fix this!

Grab your learning content, or use our crystal clear guidebooks, templated use cases and publish them in an attractive learning solution.

You focus on content. We’ll help you make it stand out.

Learn how to create top-notch learning courses with JollyDeck:

Benefits for you

Works on all devices!
No worries about appearance on different screens or devices.
Less admin!
The Coach supervises your users’ progress and performance. Someone slacking? The Coach handles nagging, too
AI-powered individualized learning!
The Coach detects each learner’s knowledge gaps and works to elevate individual users’ knowledge levels.
Because English is not the world’s only language.

Pain-free Learning Management

Meet ACME Model:
The easy way to extract value from learning analytics!

From Acquisition and Conversion to Measurement and Evaluation - simple guide to prove the business value of learning.

Real time analytics

In today's world, why wait? Realtime business intelligence is already a part of our working everyday.

Have your learning insight available on the go and decide on what matters when it matters most. A glimpse of our mobile dashboard during a meeting or when offsite can make the world of difference.

In a format easy to understand

Your dashboard should be more than an exportable storage of completed courses. You also shouldn't have to wait for days before results get deciphered from unreadable spreadsheet exports.

Data should be visual and beautiful, but most of all easy to understand. We've worked with countless functions in organisations large and small to help them deliver cases back to the top that justified every penny invested.

Benefit by making informed decissions

We believe ROI starts with investing in your peers, not the reporting to the board. Get the right sort of data and help your workforce advance faster. Help them where they need help and don’t waste precious time.

It’s proven to influence wellbeing as well as saving both cost and time.

It’s all about Time, Cost and Impact!

Traditional understanding of the learning triade places Time to deploy, Cost of deployment, and Quality of learning to each corner of the triangle. This means traditionally you can’t have all three. Learning with JollyDeck shatters tradition as we receive a lot of data from short learning interactions, which means we optimise the learning process, reducing both Time and Cost, while providing Quality through improved performance KPIs in our projects.

JollyDeck runs in a cloud

In other words, you can access JollyDeck from any internet enabled device, anytime, anywhere. You have no additional hardware costs and no initial setup costs and you will always be using the latest version of our software.

Although your data is stored on our servers, you remain the full and exclusive owner of all data that you enter into our system and can always export all of it.

Data security

Your content and user data are safe with us. We employ the latest encryption technology to protect communication channels between your devices and our servers, where your data is protected by several independent backup processes. Our servers are located in the EU.

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