Off-the-shelf learning content

A curated set of core legal compliance topics that you can easily edit and use immediately.

What makes our learning content unique?

A clear proposition to learners

No one needs to be scared into understanding the importance of compliance training.

Learners are offered a simple proposition: an emphasis on personal benefits in exchange for positive conduct related to the relevant risk area.

Your learners may digest it at their own pace on any device. Anytime and anywhere.

Only contains relevant information

Different roles need different information on risk areas. That’s why there’s several content modules that cover each of them. Making it easy to create custom learning pathways by mixing & matching modules relevant to your target group.

Need company-specific information? No problem

All content is super easy to edit.

Want to add the name of your DPO? Check. Your hotline for whistleblowing? Check. A specific use-case instead of the ready-made one? Check.

Delivered by compliance training experts

We understand what it takes to deliver an extraordinary compliance training experience.

Clear and compelling copy is provided by our team of professional copywriters, compliance experts and UI masters.

Read about our approach to compliance training

Risk areas covered

We took care of many bits and pieces

Here’s why people like JollyDeck content:

Written by professional copywriters

Simple language, no technical jargon, all split into small and digestible chunks. Perfect for everyone.

Packed with multimedia content

Attractive content combined with infographics, comic cartoons and video materials makes for more than your average learning.

Experience the interactive scenarios

A rich set of questions to challenge your users’ knowledge. All of which can be used throughout the learning courses, tests or quizzes.

Role-specific learning pathways

Launch your learning backed with learning pathways, tailored to specific roles. Delightfully simple, prebuilt and off-the-shelf. Want to update the content? They auto-update themselves to match.

A fresh learning experience

A course remains the single most important e-learning format, but this is completely reimagined in JollyDeck. We have built 5 native formats to choose from:
Learning course, test, quiz, reference and checklist
Learning course, test, quiz, reference and checklist
More about learning experience
All of which can be mixed & matched with your usual suspects, such as SCORM, PPT, PDF, video, audio and others.

Reviewed by compliance professionals

All content is created and regularly updated in partnership with Waypoint GRC, who hold more than 20 years of experience in legal compliance.

Every offer includes:

Off-the-shelf learning content
General awareness course
Additional content for learning / performance support
Every course available as support reference
A bank of questions for tests/quizzes
A number of checklists
Authoring and collaboration toolset
Add branded elements to the learning content
Easy to use authoring platform
Full support for collaborative authoring (access
control, adding notes and comments, email
Unlimited modifications and versioning
Branding of all learning materials
Export all content as SCORM packages

More options available:

Publish content in JollyDeck LMS
Learn using dedicated iOS or Android JollyDeck app
Send templated invite reminders and completion emails
from the system
State-of-the-art learning analytics
Empower line managers with team reporting and benchmarking
Single sign-on and other data integrations with your
existing systems
Full audit trail
Get help with the content
Graphic design of infographics and comics
Video editing

Complete compliance training
to suit everyone.

Just because everyone has to do compliance training, it doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging.

JollyDeck’s modern approach to mandatory training means that your learners get the knowledge they need, and you get the results.

Tell us about your compliance training challenges, and we’ll show you how JollyDeck can help.

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