What makes a great learning content?

Meaningful learning content that’s easy to understand. Providing employees with knowledge and skills that help them do their job.


Combine the best from the both worlds!

Choosing between off-the-shelf and bespoke content can be challenging.
That’s not the case with JollyDeck. You can take any of our off-the-shelf content and tailor it completely to your needs with the use of our authoring tools.

And, of course, we can build the whole content for you from scratch too.

Interested in talking about your current content challenges?

Off-the-shelf learning content for legal compliance training

A curated set of core legal compliance topics that you can easily edit and use immediately.
Conflict of
Identify situations that may lead to a conflict of interest
Minimise the risk of GDPR breaches
and corruption
Train employees to detect and prevent bribery acts
Protect your organisation from technology-based risks and threats
Prevent predatory business practices by promoting fair competition and economic efficiency
Respect in the
Create an environment of respect and build trust across your entire organisation

Bespoke learning content

A curated set of core legal compliance topics that you can easily edit and use immediately.

A clear proposition to learners...

Writing content from scratch allows us to focus on the learners. Usually we start by defining:

  • What do they already know?
  • What are the learning objectives?
  • What needs to be learned?
  • And, most importantly, why do they need to learn it?

The reason “why something needs to be learned” is the foundation for any engaging learning content.

...designed in a clear and compelling way

Writing remains the simplest method of providing structured and complex information to users. Using simple language and optimising the text layout to be read on a screen are paramount here.

But reading lots of text can be tedious. For a livelier learning experience, we always combine text with other content formats:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Cartoon comics
  • Interactive questions and scenarios

Quick development cycles

Producing content consumes lots of time and resources. To speed up the process, we have introduced agile authoring methods that allow all stakeholders to actively participate and provide feedback throughout the content creation process.

Proven learning formats for a great learning experience

Learning content is always delivered through one of our proven formats. This guarantees a great learning experience:
Learning course, test, quiz, reference and checklist
Learning course, test, quiz, reference and checklist
More about learning experience

Recycle and reuse

All learning content has to change eventually. With JollyDeck, applying any changes is a breeze:
All content comes in a raw format
All content is accessible in the JollyDeck authoring platform in a raw format for easy editing.
The content editor is part of the package
Edit the content yourself, anytime. No extra software or extra skills required.
Publish in the JollyDeck LMS, or export as a SCORM package
Any content can be easily republished in the JollyDeck LMS or exported to another LMS as a SCORM package.

Great learning content is
essential for a great training

JollyDeck’s modern approach to training means that your learners get the knowledge they need, and you get the results.

Tell us about your training challenges, and we’ll show you how JollyDeck can help.

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