Industry proven solutions

Each case, each company and each industry are different.

However, in search of commonalities we’ve built some industry-specific solutions.

In essence, we integrated key learnings from a number of our customer’s success stories.

Let the next one be yours.

Customer Service

In a segment which touches most of our economy, keeping your employees knowledge on a competitive level is hard. And when online learning doesn’t resonate with joy, well being or a financial incentive, that hardly helps to retain your greatest asset.

We have proven how training with JollyDeck impacts the bottom line.

Several times. Whatever your size the challenges you’d be facing aren’t unsimilar. Employees detached from learning, best content sources removed from overly complex content creation processes, and analytics which make no sense to line managers, most of the time they can’t even access them.

It should be a straightforward case really: If you can’t capture content by the source and have it easily translated into online learning people will go elsewhere to find it. Without a great user experience there’s no engagement, and again your employees will go looking for content outside of what you’ve built. And lastly, if you don’t get buy in from the line manager, the impact to engagement is significant. All these are proven across a growing body of evidence.

British Gas
Thomson Reuters

Case study

Discover how we launched a campaign to identify knowledge gaps, providing invaluable insight into a complex customer experience process.

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Just-in-Time Product Training

Ever needed to get your staff onboard with a new product over night?

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Staying Nimble with
Small and Medium Business

The complexity of learning solutions is overwhelming. And, if you’re a fast growing SME there’s little face value in investing into such legacy learning systems. Staying nimble is the name of the game.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that companies who have heard of our work in engaging large workforces in the enterprise segment end up using JollyDeck, rather than crossing the event horizon of a traditional LMS.

Cut down on churn by increasing wellbeing; impact the bottom line with a modern learning suite.

Unified analytics, ease of use and realistic price points are what you get. So start now!

Case study

Learn how we quickly upskilled Telenomics frontline staff on all the little details of the new iPhone.

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FCA Complaints Handling Process

Reduce risk of fines and get your frontline staff compliant with the changes explained in the financial watchdog’s policy statement on handling complaints.

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Housing associations

The UK housing sector is seeing a lot of changes recently. Extensive and diverse mobile workforce paired with an equally varied back-office calls for a clear learning approach worthy of the largest companies out there. But not on their budget. That is why more and more social housing providers are recognising JollyDeck as the easy to adopt learning tool.

We’re chipping in with a mission to cover 70% of core use cases with ready-made, top-notch content. Best thing about it? All (yes every single one of them) of our housing partners who already use JollyDeck happily upgrade the courses with their expertise and share it with back everyone else. Talk about the power of syndication.

So if Professional boundaries, Workplace Health & Safety or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ring a bell browse no more. It’s time to be a part of this journey.

Wulvern Housing
Weaver Vale
Community Gateway Association
Stockport Homes

Case study

Read about how we helped to communicate company’s vision and purpose and get a full buy-in from all employees!

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Equality and diversity training

One of essential trainings in your organization.
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