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Make Your Staff GDPR Savvy!

The only off-the-shelf GDPR training that can be easily tailored to the exact needs of your employees.
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Fix the Single Biggest Challenge of GDPR Awareness Training!

What if GDPR was just a short set of rules? Like the 10 commandments, anyone could easily understand?

It’s not like that.

GDPR is complex. It affects many job roles in different ways. This is why running efficient GDPR training is one hell of a job.

The easiest solution is to go with generic training. It will get your team compliant and might even keep the Information Commissioner happy. At least until the first personal data breach.

To stay safe, you need to go beyond generic.

But how deep should you go? Which information is really needed to make your people confident at work? And which information should you remove to avoid information overload?

It gets even worse.

Every industry is different. And every company does things in a different way. Some companies even use their own terminology. No generic solution can cover all these.

It looks like you need to start looking for a bespoke solution, to do things the right way. But that’s a whole new world. Different time frames, different budgets, and a GDPR risk hanging over your head...

Imagine if you could pick your GDPR training topics from a menu – just like when ordering dinner in a restaurant?

GDPR Training – À La Carte!

We’ve developed a number of bespoke learning solutions for our clients:

These companies opted for a bespoke training package because generic solutions didn’t work for them.

But we have learnt that content in many cases was similar – apart from some industry or client jargon.

So we have developed off-the-shelf training that covers almost every possible GDPR topic and use case. All you need to do is to pick the relevant topics and launch your GDPR training!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

When we first launched our GDPR online training, we didn’t expect to get such an overwhelmingly positive result. Over 75,000 colleagues were trained in 12 countries before GDPR became enforceable. Since then, we’ve been consistently training new joiners and launched a GDPR refresher module recently.

JollyDeck played a fundamental role to make it happen; offering a customisable, user-friendly platform and an engaging learning experience with reliable real-time reporting data.

Bruno Silveira,
Head of compliance, Kingfisher plc

An Engaging GDPR Training Experience?? Seriously??

We agree, putting the words "GDPR" and "Engaging" in the same sentence just doesn’t sound right. But there are 3 important facts about GDPR training that might come as a surprise to you:

If This Is Really True,
Why Do People Struggle With GDPR Training?

The answer is simple. Most GDPR training courses don’t bother explaining the benefits of GDPR for us humans. Instead they focus on the million-dollar fines companies could end up paying if anything goes wrong. We can’t easily relate to big numbers. It becomes just another mandatory training exercise.

The Compliance Deck explains most GDPR principles through the eyes of the learner. Each training section starts with the answer to the most important question: WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO ME?

Here’s an example. Can you spot the difference?

Subject access request (SAR)

A subject access request is simply a written request made by or on behalf of an individual for the information which he or she is entitled to ask.

The penalty for ignoring a subject access request is a fine. There are no financial or custodial penalties for failure to provide information on request or for failure to publish information. But you could be found in contempt of court for failing to comply with a decision notice, enforcement notice, or information notice.

Did you know that under the GDPR every company (yes, even Facebook) must reveal you all the information it has ever gathered about you?

All you need to do is ask (by a simple email, for example).

If they don’t provide you the data within 30 days, the company can pay huge fines.

This request is called Subject access request (SAR).

Keep in mind that our company may receive such requests too.

Let’s make your staff GDPR savvy!
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The Best Way to Activate Your Learners: Variety!

Most off-the-shelf compliance solutions come as a combination of a course and a test. Some come as quizzes.

To activate your learners, our GDPR Compliance Deck comes with a wide range of materials materials to choose from:

Edit Content Like a Pro!

A powerful content editor is already part of the deal. It’s so easy to use you can take care of everything yourself – in no time!

Use our content editor to quickly scan through the content and remove the parts you don’t need. Do you want to add company specific information to the training? No problem! You can even invite other colleagues to join you in the process.

It’s so simple:

Excuses for
Not Doing the Training
Have Just Been Terminated!

Compliance training might indeed be mandatory, but users will always come up with excuses for not completing it.

We identified the 9 most common excuses and eliminated the reasons for them.

Excuse #1
I can’t do the training on my device!
The GDPR Compliance Deck can be used on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. The native iOS and Android apps even allow you to do the training offline. If you can prove you don’t use any of these devices, you’re excused from the GDPR training completely.
Excuse #2
This training is impossible to use!
Not very likely. We’ve been collecting user comments and complaints for years, implementing every possible improvement to make it more user-friendly.
Were the letters on the mobile app too small to read? We made them bigger.

Still too small for some people? We’ve added audio narration.

Hundreds of improvements and counting.
Excuse #3
Leave me alone – can’t you see I’m too busy?
This training has been made for the busy people! Because you’re busy you don’t need to do all the training at once. You can pause anytime. In fact, we even advise you to take a break during the training. When you come back you can continue exactly where you left off.
Excuse #4
I hate all e-learning courses! Just let me simply read through the content!
The learning science shows that just reading through the content does not guarantee that you will actually learn something. We use a variety of learning formats. Ensuring that our users learn important information in the most time-efficient way.
Excuse #5
Why on earth do I need to know all this???
Every topic in the GDPR Compliance Deck starts with the answer to this question: Why do I need to know this? (Read more about it here.)
Excuse #6
Legal compliance content is so... legalistic!
All of the GDPR Compliance Deck content has been written by professional copywriters in plain English. (It has then been reviewed and checked-off by legal professionals. It took them both a lot of time and energy to land on the same page.)
Excuse #7
E-learning is stupid! I don’t ever want to click the ‘next’ button again!
Our GDPR Compliance Deck is in fact very interactive. It comes with a number of questions and scenarios that can be used as a part of a learning course, or separately as a test or a quiz.
Excuse #8
GDPR is so dry and boring!
We understand that even the best copywriters can’t do miracles on topics like GDPR. That’s why the learning comes packed with images, video examples, infographics and comics. All of these elements lighten the mood and make the content stick.
Excuse #9
None of this applies to my job!
Not true. The modular structure makes sure that it does. Plus, before you launch the training you can be sure to remove any irrelevant parts!
Excuse #10 (a legit one)
I Have Vision Impairment / I’m Dyslectic
E-learning is not always an ideal way of learning for people with visual impairments, or for anyone with dyslexia. But all of our learning content is automatically converted into audio. And it sounds much better than you’d expect...

Here’s What People Are Saying

We admit – not all of our reviews are a 5-star, but after all this is GDPR compliance training. You must agree that the overall sentiment is quite positive, right?
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Frequently asked questions

How do we compare?

GDPR Compliance Deck Other off-the-shelf
GDPR training
GDPR training
Complete coverage of GDPR topics Yes Yes Yes
Tailor content completely to your needs Yes No(at least not easily) Yes
Regular content updates at no additional cost Yes Yes(at least should be) No
Edit content within the same platform Yes No No
Edit the content yourself anytime Yes No No
Short implementation time Yes Yes No
Can be used for continuous training and refreshers every year Yes Yes(it should) No
Can be used on any device Yes Yes(most of them) Yes(it should be)
Can be used without active internet connection Yes No No

What Do You Need to Successfully Run GDPR Training? Check the Essentials!

There are 4 critical elements for successful compliance training! Let’s scan through them, just to be sure you’re fully covered:
If you left any of the checkboxes unchecked, read on! Here are just a few ideas how we’re doing it with JollyDeck
JollyDeck’s LMS:
E-Learning With an Audit Trail

The role of the LMS is not limited to providing learning content to the user.

For compliance training purposes it’s essential that your LMS can provide you with a clear audit trail of any learner – any time.

With JollyDeck’s LMS, you will have this part covered. All training data can be downloaded for further analytics – anytime.

Fresh information about the training progress can also be sent to you by email on a periodic basis.

JollyDeck’s LMS:
Unleash the the Power of Email Communication

Experienced marketers know that email is still one of the most powerful tools. But only if it’s used in a smart way.

The last thing people need is a mailbox full of reminders to finish their training. A simple, personalised message, sent at the right time performs much better.

A number of different personalised email messages ready to be sent at any occasion come with the JollyDeck LMS by default. This includes:

Invitations to the training.
Various reminders for people who didn’t respond to previous emails.
Notifications for people who started the training but haven’t finished it yet.
Notification about any upcoming or missed deadlines.

Once set, the system automatically sends out the right email to the right user at the right time. And like professional marketers, you too can monitor the efficiency of each email from within your JollyDeck LMS

Engage Line Managers to Give Your Training an Extra-Boost

If you’re after high training completion rates (and with GDPR training you should be), then it’s wise to step out of the LMS world and ask real people for assistance.

The problem is that a typical LMS will run as a central hub. The more people that need the training, the more difficult it will be to reach them from a central place.

Ideally you need champions inside the organisation who will reach out to their teammates and help you do the job.

Line managers are well aware of the importance of compliance training. Sadly, they usually don’t have real-time training data on their team members. Especially when the training is run from a central LMS.

JollyDeck’s LMS gives each line manager insights into the learning performance of their team members. It even shows a leaderboard of the most and least successful teams. No manager wants to see their team perform badly, so they make sure employees complete their tasks. Just what you want!

And best of all? Line managers can tag people who can’t complete their training (sick leave, maternity leave, left the business...). This is data you can’t usually get from your LMS. But this is data that is critical when trying to understand why some people haven’t even touched their mandatory training.

A Risk-Free Offer!

Making decisions on how to run a compliance training is never easy. There are many things at stake and choosing the wrong partner can have serious consequences.

In order to make the right decision, we can offer you the chance to try our training in several smaller steps.

We can start with a short presentation of our system, and listen through your needs and expectations.
After we understand your major challenges, we’ll set up a demo environment where you can gain access to the content and share it with some colleagues.
If you’re still not 100% sure, you can continue with a small-scale pilot to see how it works out in real life.

Let’s talk!

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