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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion covers the 2010 Equality Act, which created an umbrella for laws and regulations tackling discrimination and granting employees certain rights. EDI is a healthy blend of findings from research, interpretations of the legal framework of the Act, and contextual examples. Economic benefits of workplace diversity are included. EDI means fun with The Coach!

FCA Complaints Handling Process

Reduce risk of fines and get your frontline staff compliant with the changes explained in the financial watchdog’s policy statement on handling complaints.

2015 Welfare Reform Act: Impact to Social Housing Providers

In April 2016 a comprehensive set of austerity measures came into effect. This course explains the motivations for the measures, as well as impact. Important and informative for anyone involved in social housing.

Governance 101 for Social Housing Providers

Boards of social housing providers may have varying structures. New standards came into force in 2010, covering governance and financial viability. The TSA is looking to these boards to set (and stick to) their own standards. This course is aimed at the incoming board member and provides a basic framework regarding: proper governance, establishing a sense of purpose, and the context for understanding risk management and financial accountability.

Information Security Awareness

August 2014 saw one of the largest and most notorious IT security breaches of all time. #infosec quickly became a hot topic in boardrooms as millions of names, electronic payment card information and even sexual orientation preferences were released for auction. We want to help learners improve their understanding of information security and recognize common traits of hackers.

Kickbacks: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

This compliance course covers the Bribery Act. We’ll look beyond the letter of law via helpful scenarios that embed key messages. We’ll explore how kickback activity is evolving, and answer the elusive question of why this course is mandatory training for so many.

Professional Boundaries

We might be able to converse politely, exercise sound judgement and be true professionals. However, relationships are far from static, and sometimes boundaries get blurred. This course looks at how to stay efficient yet humane – a true professional in the workplace.


“In the face of pain there are no heroes.” ― George Orwell
For all who are in frequent contact with vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, this course offers a good overview of the legal framework and helpful tips in regard to safeguarding.

Social Housing 101

2016 is the centennial for social housing in the UK. We can trace its roots back to 1916 and the founding of the Association for Women Housing Workers, the first professional body for housing. Social Housing 101 will give you an overview of the origins and history of social housing in Britain.

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

We all have a fairly a good understanding of anti-social behaviour (ASB). But what can you do about it? This course is aimed at helping you recognize what actions should be taken to help prevent or address ASB.

Workplace Health & Safety

Designed by industry experts, this course helps managers protect their front-line employees, safeguard themselves, and keep the workplace safe. You will learn how to recognize hazards and take effective measures both to prevent mishaps, and to foster a safety culture in your workplace.

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