How JollyDeck started

JollyDeck started in 2011 when founders Igor and Matija were examining different learning formats for better employee training in the company they were both working for.

Having seen multiple vendors offering the same sort of products, they quickly realized that they disliked the corporate approach to e-learning.

In fact, they disliked it so much, they decided to change it.

The JollyDeck Vision

JollyDeck formed on the idea that there is a better way to do workplace e-learning.

Learners don’t want to be fed the same content over and over. They want content that is valuable, meaningful and relevant to them.

What learning managers want is to be able to handle the time pressure and lack of resources. Over the years, this has become an obsession of ours, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

We believe that for learning to be done right, it needs to focus on all stages of the e-learning process. That’s why JollyDeck works with clients from the content creation, authoring and collaboration stages, to choosing the right learning format, training delivery and all the way through to reporting and analytics.

The JollyDeck process is kept streamlined and clear for all stakeholders, another thing we’re a bit religious about. To a degree that we’ve not just built a bunch of whitepapers, but an entire e-learning platform to support this.

JollyDeck’s Growth

Shortly after the idea of JollyDeck came about, we developed a prototype for a multiplayer quiz game. A few early clients quickly recognized the potential of this gamified learning approach and started using it to train their staff on various topics.

This early success skyrocketed us into overdrive mode. We knew we had to grow, and quickly. This growth came in 2012 when we were accepted into the 2012 Wayra accelerator programme in London, UK.

As a fresh startup we developed the next version of the quiz game that was almost immediately adopted by companies like O2, Thomson Reuters and British Gas (among others).

In the next several years JollyDeck grew to the point where we could offer a full e-learning service that includes:

Where does the word JollyDeck come from

The name JollyDeck was inspired by the series Star Trek where the crew of Starship Enterprise was using a special virtual reality stage called Holodeck where participants could engage with different environments and situations.

As we prefer to keep the learning content lightweight (and have nothing to do with the virtual/holo mambo wambo) we decided to make a more easy going version of the learning environment and call it – JollyDeck.

If you want to discuss anything e-learning, we’re always happy to have a conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn or through our contact form.
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