Announcing: The Coach
A pain-free mobile solution for creating and delivering content
to your employees without a headache.
JollyDeck increases your employees' speed
to competency by making learning fun & enjoyable
Bespoke learning programmes shouldn't take weeks
to come to life. We can rollout a fully bespoke learning
programme in under a week
Learn how Petrol groups saved 80% of
costs and a lot of management time

JollyDeck is a learning and communication solution that focuses on user Experience.

Our system of adaptive learning allows for the same learning programme to be delivered individually to each learner.

JollyDeck experience is a truly social learning Experience, where your staff will always retain a sense of community.

Designed to roll out to 20 or 20,000 employees, it’s your solution of choice for both learning interventions and supporting important changes and launches in your organisation.

We have worked with a range of world class companies from telecommunications, customer service, utilities, retail and public sectorto help them deliver measurable improvements in learning delivery and excel their learning ROI.